Home buying made easy for Didcot couple

Date: Thursday 12 April 2018

NEWS - TWOX - Home buying made easy for Didcot couple

A young Oxfordshire couple have their local sales team to thank for an ‘amazing’ move after buying their first home together in Didcot’s fastest-growing new community.

Hannah Mullan, 24, and Ryan Taylor, 27, saved for years to afford a deposit for a property at Oxfordshire’s Sapphire Fields, which is part of Great Western Park. The couple were both living with parents in Didcot and originally thought a new build home would be more expensive to buy than an older property. But using the Government’s Help to Buy scheme, available at most sites, they reserved a two-bedroom Canford housetype and moved in on 15th February this year

Hannah, who works in the marketing department of a local arts centre, said: “It’s been a long wait. We couldn’t actually have afforded a home without Help to Buy. It was the biggest stretch ever, but everyone stretches to buy their first property. With a non-new build we would have just scraped it, but it would have been in such an awful condition we would have had to save for ages just to make it liveable."

Hannah and Ryan are now enjoying life in their new home and have wasted no time in making it their own. They were able to choose fixtures such as tiles before they moved in, so the house felt like their own from the day they walked in the door.

Hannah said: “We were really prepared when we moved in. We had sorted all our blinds and everything. Straight away we could personalise it how we wanted. Three weeks in I think we have done pretty well.

“I love the bath and the tiles, which I picked. I love that you can pay a little bit extra to get the tiles you want. I also love how open plan it is. You think a two-bed is going to be small but both bedrooms are doubles and there is a lot of storage.”

The moving process could have been quite daunting for Hannah and Ryan, who had never bought a home before, but the sales team at Sapphire Fields were on hand to give them any help they needed.

“The sales staff here have been absolutely amazing,” said Hannah. “We asked them so many questions. For a young person who’s never bought a house it’s a whole new world of things you have never known before. But they are all so helpful.

“They’re not just there to sell a house, they are there to help you. They care. Many of them have Taylor Wimpey houses anyway, which gives you reassurance - the development must be good if they want to live here too.”

The couple, who wanted to stay in Didcot in part thanks to its transport links to Oxford and London, are now looking forward to getting to know their neighbours and becoming more involved in the Great Western Park community. As well as a range of houses the development includes a park, college and gym, alongside a local Facebook page which advertises activities including young mum groups.