Homebuy Direct Helps Customer On To Property Ladder And It s Cheaper Than Renting

Date: Monday 17 May 2010

Until she discovered HomeBuy Direct at Taylor Wimpey’s Concept development, near Bury St Edmunds, Berenice O’Carroll doubted she would be able to afford a home of her own.

Fed up with lining her landlord’s pockets every month, the Cambridge University graduate was desperate to leave rented accommodation behind and start investing in her future, but high property prices meant homebuying in Cambridge was out of the question.

It was while researching special incentives for first-time buyers online that the 25-year-old encountered HomeBuy Direct at Concept, enabling her to purchase a spacious three-bedroom townhouse at the development for only 70% of its price*.

Conveniently located in the quiet village of Red Lodge, Suffolk, Berenice’s new home is just a short commute from work in the centre of Cambridge – and costs £100 less each month in mortgage repayments than the monthly rent she had paid for a one-bedroom apartment in the city!

“I’d had enough of renting and watching my money disappear down the drain every month, but couldn’t afford to buy,” she says. “At the time I was looking, mortgages for first-time buyers were very difficult to come by unless you had £25,000 or more sitting in your bank account for a deposit.

“With HomeBuy Direct, 30% of the price of your property is covered, so you don’t need a big deposit. It was exactly what I needed. My new home has all the space I need and it works out cheaper each month than renting my much smaller flat!” Berenice adds.

Incentives can be tailored to customers’ individual requirements and are subject to availability, with further information available from the Sales Executive at the development.