Homebuy Direct Helps Siblings Secure A Dream First Home

Date: Friday 30 April 2010

Adam Larking (21) and sister Rachel (23) have both bought at The Village via the ‘HomeBuy Direct’ scheme which helps first time buyers get on the property ladder with an interest free equity loan.

Adam explains: “It’s been a lifesaver really, as my partner Sophie Lane (21) and I had been struggling to save enough and get a mortgage. But once the sales executive explained it to us we realised we could finally make things work.

“We opted for an interest free equity loan on 20% of the value of the home, because this scheme is very flexible like that and we could afford it in the end. Plus, like all the properties at The Village, ours is an ‘eco’ home that enables us to do our bit for the environment, while it looks very striking and contemporary too with its tall ceilings and open plan style.“

Sister Rachel and partner Tom Corbett (24), meanwhile, have just qualified for the scheme and secured a three bedroom ‘Lawley’ home with its unique roof terrace just to the rear of Adam and Sophie.

Tom says: “Adam and Sophie’s positive ‘Homebuy Direct’ experience definitely inspired us to follow suit and as we could also afford to take a 20% rather than a 30% loan, it will turn out to be more profitable in the long term. As one of only seven UK Millennium communities The Village is very different and really stands out in Telford, plus you get a lot of house for your money with the spacious and well designed ‘Lawley’.

“We never thought we would get such a spectacular home as first time buyers – and it’s all down to this fantastic scheme. As a surveyor and someone who’s studied environmental science, we’ve also bought into the eco benefits of these properties, because apart from saving on our bills it really will make a difference to our carbon footprint.”