How Easystart helped Jennifer Tyrrell

Date: Wednesday 31 August 2011

“We weren’t even looking to buy our own home when my husband Adam and I had a look around the showhomes at Taylor Wimpey’s Dovedale Park development in Woodville, Swadlincote, because we thought we couldn’t afford it – but easystart shared equity changed everything for us.

Easystart meant that not only could we afford to buy our own home, but also that we have ended up paying less each month on our mortgage repayments than our monthly rent, which we couldn’t believe.

“When you’re living in rented accommodation, you’re just throwing money away – so it’s fantastic to know that the money we’re now paying out each month is an investment in our own future. But we never expected we’d be saving money at the same time!

“Our new home at Dovedale Park is just perfect. It’s only now that we’ve settled in and unpacked all of our things that we’ve got a true sense of just how spacious our new home is.

“It’s also great knowing that we can do whatever we want to make it our own, because even though we were allowed to decorate when we were renting, we had to put everything back the way it was before we moved out.”

Mr & Mrs Tyrrell, Dovedale Park residents