It s the best decision we could have made

Date: Tuesday 01 March 2011

"As soon as we saw the show house at Buckingham Park in Aylesbury, we were blown away. It was exactly what we would love to be moving in to!

"Keeping in mind the size of home we were after, we looked around a three-bedroom property at Buckingham Park, then we had another look at a four-bedroom design, and when we walked through the door of that one, my wife, Shleena, gave me ‘the look’. I knew then we had found the home for us.

"We were really surprised by the amount of space, both in the kitchen and upstairs, and although we had had a two or three-bedroom house in mind, we decided a four-bedroom place was better value in the long-run. It’s the best decision we could have made! The layout of the kitchen is great for when friends come over because we’ve got so much room for them to sit down and relax, and space for putting out food. In our old house the kitchen was tiny – barely big enough for three people. Plus, I have the opportunity to work from home regularly, and so having proper space for this makes a real difference.

"I see us living here as a family for the next 20 or 30 years – until Asyrah and any future brothers or sisters have all grown up and there’s just the two of us again. When we’re in our seventies, or maybe our eighties, we’ll then think about giving up this home for something smaller!”

Rob Lee,  Buckingham Park resident