Laura moves to her second home at Kings Copse

Date: Wednesday 27 January 2016

Taylor Wimpey - Kings Copse - case study WEB

“I bought my first home at Kings Copse almost four years ago after I’d just had my eldest son Cody, as I wanted to purchase my own place and with Taylor Wimpey I was able to use the Help to Buy initiative.

“The scheme was great as it made it affordable for me to get on the property ladder because I didn’t need such a large deposit, so I was able to get a home suitable to fit all of my needs.

“We decided to move because at the moment our two sons share a bedroom as the third room is quite small, so we wanted more space.

“In our new home they can each have their own bedroom which is ideal for when they’re teenagers, as well as use the fourth bedroom as a playroom, so it’s perfect for us.

“We decided to purchase another home at Kings Copse as we could use the Part Exchange scheme, which has given us peace of mind. Our current property has already been sold so we don’t have people coming round for viewings. The scheme has made things so simple and it’s great as we can live here until our new home is finished.

“Our new house meets all of our needs both now and in the future – the garden is great for the boys and the house is a really good size so we’re not all crammed in together.

“We also love the en-suite bathroom in the master bedroom and the best part of the house for me is the kitchen, as the ‘Shelford’ has an open-plan kitchen/dining room so we can all enjoy cooking and eating together, plus the French doors open to the garden so we can keep an eye on the boys when they play outside – it’s amazing.

“Taylor Wimpey really looked after me during the first house move, so when we decided to move again I visited the Sales and Information Centre to see what was available and fell in love with the ‘Shelford’.

“The Taylor Wimpey staff were fantastic and I would thoroughly recommend buying one of their homes. They provided friendly advice and kept us up to date with timescales and were really helpful when we were choosing our extras. They were happy to work around our work and life commitments.

“Rachel at the sales office has been great – she was so professional and made our experience so much easier.

“I first bought a new-build home as with a young child I didn’t want a lot of work to do, which you often get with an older property, whereas with a new one you can move in and not worry – there’s not even a stain on the carpet from someone living there before and it’s more economical as we have a new boiler and appliances, which hopefully means lower bills.

“In Quedgeley there are good amenities nearby, especially with the brand new schools that have just been built in the area as they have up to date facilities, plus we have shops and being close to the motorway is ideal as we are near where I work and my partner travels for his job so it’s practical for him.
“Our new home has a great location on the development as we’re looking out onto 20ft trees so it’s a bit more secluded. We’re all so excited to move in!”

Laura Woodward, resident at Kings Copse