Lisa and Chris fell in love with the Henley Grange development

Date: Tuesday 22 February 2011

"Chris and I had been renting a room at my Dad's house because we thought it would be a good way to save money for a place of our own, but after 18 months it was getting a bit crowded!

"Then I saw an advert offering the Easystart scheme at Henley Grange and thought it sounded like a great idea so went along to the development to find out more.

"We immediately fell in love with the development and the sales executives, Rebecca and Julie, couldn't have been more helpful. They talked us through all of our options and as it turned out, it was costing us almost as much to rent as it would be to buy a place of our own!

"We really love being a part of Henley Grange as it's so quiet and peaceful with lovely views of the surrounding woodland from our apartment, but close to Halesowen so our family and friends are nearby, as well as all of the town's facilities."

Lisa James and Chris Thomas
Henley Grange residents