MI New Home

Date: Thursday 24 January 2013

"Getting access to a 95% mortage through MI New Home has allowed us to move to our new home at Ferry Village between 6-12 months earlier than we thought we’d be able to. The big difference is that we need just half the level of deposit that we’d originally thought we’d have to find in order to get the type of home we wanted.

"It’s definitely made it a much easier move than I thought. And Taylor Wimpey has handled everything really smoothly and explained the process every step of the way, so it’s been pretty easy to understand and it’s not phased us at all.

"We’re so much happier that we’ve decided to buy now rather than continuing to rent. We’d much rather be paying into something that we own rather than paying out rent to someone else.

"The whole experience of buying a new home has been really exciting and we’re over the moon that MI New Home worked for us and has made this move happen so quickly.

"Ferry Village is perfect for us, we’ve been renting in Paisley so we know the area, and we’ve got lots of friends and family around so we feel right at home here. It’s also really handy for my work. The whole process has been great for us because we’ve managed to buy a new flat much sooner than we thought – and we’ve bought the show-flat so it’s just ready to move into so we’re just over the moon."

Chris Peacock and Debbie Bruce, Ferry Village residents