More House For Your Money at Peninsula

Date: Wednesday 04 May 2011

“After visiting Peninsula, we found we could have a much bigger and better house for the same price as a second-hand home in the town.

“The rooms are an excellent size, and because our house is brand new, it needs nothing doing to it. It’s just an absolutely amazing home, and we are so happy we found it.

““Friends and family who have visited are just gobsmacked by how much house you can get for your money at Peninsula, and we’re finding we are very popular with people wanting to come over and stay for a weekend!

“We have the luxury of a wonderful view of the estuary from home. We can just put our coats on and within 10 minutes we can be strolling along the sea front, it’s just wonderful.

““If I had to move again, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose another Taylor Wimpey home. The care and attention they have paid us has been outstanding.”

Nick Shephard, Peninsula resident