New home offers a luxurious step up the ladder for Troon couple

Date: Thursday 19 November 2020


Elaine McKelvie, an operations and control manager in finance and her husband Grant, a wedding photographer, along with their two huskies Mischka and Kenzie, have recently moved into their perfect home at our Queen’s Court development in Troon.
The couple had always wanted to move to Troon, and they were looking for a new home that would give them the space they needed to allow Grant to run his wedding photography business from home.
Elaine said: “We knew that if we were moving from Irvine that we had our sights set on living in Troon, and the houses at Queen’s Court just bowled us over when we saw them. Every night since we’ve been here, we have said that we can’t believe this is our house. We fully appreciate everything about this house and the staff at Taylor Wimpey have made our journey with them absolutely fantastic.  

“We have bought and just moved into a five bedroom Cameron house and we love it. Throughout the process, Grant and I just couldn’t believe that we were moving into such a beautiful home – the finish is absolutely brilliant. The space that we have at the back of the house is just fab – the garden room is wonderful, in fact we’ve used this room the most since we moved in four weeks ago, I think we’ve been in there every night.  
“It’s such a relaxing and really lovely environment – we’ve decided to have no TV in that space and it’s lovely to just play some music and just chill out together. We had a log cabin as a retreat in the garden of our old house, but this is a really lovely upgrade.”
Grant added: “The height of the ceilings makes every room look huge, and the open-plan layout gives an even more of a sense of space. We also feel the exterior of the house is impressive, and the development is well laid out to maximise the countryside around us. From my bedroom I can see the horses in the fields nearby and I’ve got lovely views of the hills too.”