Help to Step on the Property Ladder

Date: Thursday 03 March 2016

Moving to Dargavel Village South, part of the multi-million pound development on the fringe of Bishopton, has been a dream move that’s been more than worthwhile for young first time buyers Jamie Paton (26) and Kasey Hill (25).  

By using Help to Buy (Scotland) to make their move, the couple, who recently got engaged, have taken the opportunity to leap up the property ladder as Jamie, a resource planner in Glasgow explains:  “Kasey and I originally discovered the Dargavel Village development when we visited nearby Ingliston to consider it as a potential wedding venue, and we came across the new homes at Dargavel Village and the wider development at Bishopton.

“We had decided that we wanted to make a fairly long term move with our first property purchase together. And we’re planning to get married and hopefully start a family so we really loved the longer term vision the Dargavel Village master plan sets out.  With everything that will be created as part of the overall development, and the fact there will be new shops and a new school in time, we see this as a great opportunity and location for us and we’re really excited to be part of it.”
There’s a real mix of new homes to choose from across the whole Dargavel Village development, but the couple really felt at home with the team at Taylor Wimpey as Jamie continues:  “We visited all the developers and we chose Taylor Wimpey at Dargavel Village South because we felt their homes were really stylish, we liked the modern open-plan layout and specification and they ticked all the boxes for us within our budget.  We were also really impressed by the friendly sales executives at the development who are both called Nicola - they made the whole process really easy from start to finish.  

“We feel the whole team at the development really cares about us, even now having moved in a few months ago, and the site manager Colin has been brilliant too.  Everyone has really gone the extra mile to make sure that everything is OK with our new home.”

Having access to great transport from day was also really important to the couple as Jamie adds: “I work in Glasgow, as did Kasey until very recently, so access to the train was also really important in our decision to move here.  

“Where Dargavel Village South is set within the overall development is perfect – I can walk to Bishopton train station in under ten minutes which ideal as part of my work commute.  We also use the train to head into Glasgow to meet friends all the time it’s such a regular and handy service.  We can be in Glasgow in 15-20 minutes which is brilliant whether that’s for work or social plans.”

The couple used Help to Buy (Scotland) when they purchased last year, and it offered them several benefits as Jamie adds:  “Help to Buy (Scotland) was really straightforward and easy to understand, and the team at Taylor Wimpey were really helpful and explained everything to us.  

“We were lucky too because Help to Buy was available when we bought last year, and whilst it’s not been available for a while lots of our friends have been asking us about it since it re-launched and we’d definitely recommend checking it out.” 

The couple are really surprised how quickly and smoothly the whole process was to complete as Kasey, a banking advisor adds: “Using both Help to Buy (Scotland) and Taylor Wimpey’s expertise has allowed us to take a massive step up the property ladder to a much bigger house than we’d originally thought that we’d be able to afford.  And also much sooner than we thought we would be able to.  It’s also been a really simple, straightforward and quick process.”

Buying their new dream home has other advantages as Kasey adds: “We really love the layout of the Balfour – it just ticks all our boxes.  The open-plan living and dining area is really spacious, and there’s so much storage with cupboards in almost every room – it’s great.  We just love it here and we already feel really at home, in fact just a few days after we moved in we felt so settled that it felt as though we’d lived here for years.  We’ve got great neighbours and everyone is really friendly and it’s really fascinating being part of such a major transformation.  We can see so much changing around us literally every day – it’s a real eye-opener and really exciting.”