Our First Home at New Berry Vale in Aylesbury

Date: Monday 22 August 2011

“My partner Natasha and I got help to purchase our first home at Taylor Wimpey’s New Berry Vale development in Aylesbury through the Easystart shared equity scheme. Without it I think we’d still be looking for a place to buy now!

“With busy jobs and a baby on the way, the last thing we wanted was to worry about being able to afford a new home. With the mortgage market the way it is, we had to consider renting somewhere, but we knew that was just dead money.

“But, as I was living at my parents’ house a couple of minutes down the road from New Berry Vale, I thought I’d pop in and see if there was any chance of us buying there. Thanks to easystart, we are now in a home that’s 100% ours, not a landlord’s – and it’s one that we love to pieces!

“The whole buying process was totally stress-free too, which we really appreciated. The Sales Executive Nikki kept us informed of what was happening as the sale went through, which helped us to relax.

“We are really enjoying having our own space. We love the open-plan lounge and kitchen, and the rooms are all a really good size – when we compared what we have with similar priced properties on the market, we realised we were getting real value for money with our new home.

“There are also going to be two primary schools built in the area, which will be perfect for our daughter, Ava, and there are plans for shops and a gym, which is excellent news.”

Nick Giles, New Berry Vale resident