Paul and Emma find their perfect property

Date: Wednesday 24 June 2015

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“We’ve never had an open-plan kitchen/dining room before so that really appealed to us in the ‘Wickham’, as well as the double garage outside as it gives us a lot of storage room and is really handy. The spacious garden is also really well suited to us.

“By choosing to buy a new build we had the opportunity to include additional extras, so the house was designed around how we wanted it. We upgraded the kitchen and chose everything from the tiling and flooring and even where the television sockets are placed!

“Using the Chain Breaker scheme meant that the process was finalised a lot quicker as it eliminated the chain of sellers. It was a helpful process that made a difference to our transition, as we didn’t have to wait for our buyers to sell and potentially lose our new house.

“Our two sons, aged two and five, absolutely love it here. Our house is situated on a private road just next to a stream so we get some ducks visiting our garden, and the boys really enjoy feeding them.

“The surrounding area of Evesham is also a lovely place and we benefit from a lot of amenities close by, such as shops and great schools. Our eldest son is now attending the local primary school and is really enjoying it so far, while our youngest is just about to start at the nearby nursery.

“Our home at The Orchards is located in a much better place for us, and I have now reduced my commute to work by an hour!”

Paul and Emma Terry, residents at The Orchards.