Queensacre at Crookham Park resident delighted with her new home

Date: Wednesday 07 August 2013

“My name’s Annette King, I now live on a Taylor Wimpey development – it’s called Queensacre and it’s in Fleet in Hampshire. I’ve lived here six months and I’m absolutely thrilled.

“We were living in a 1930s bungalow and we were really keen to lower our living costs so we immediately looked for a newly-built development. When we discovered Queensacre, we loved the village feel that still existed.   “It’s very close to beautiful woodlands and there’s some very nice people. We love the woodland – the whole development is surrounded by woods, which is very appealing. We now have a dog and we go for lovely long walks, the shops are very close by, there’s the village hall you can almost see from our bedroom, and it’s just a nice social place.

“There’s lots of local activities – I go to pilates, which I love and I can get to the class easily. Queensacre particularly is beautifully placed because it’s very close to the road that gets you on to the M3 motorway, so we’re 10 minutes off the motorway which is very attractive.

“Our property is called a ‘Kensington’ and it’s particularly attractive for us. The best thing about buying the house we did was that we chose it a year before we actually moved in so we got the chance of choosing the plot we wanted, we were able to get a south-facing garden, we were able to choose our kitchen and personalise it – I felt like I had taken part in the design by the time I’d finished! So that was very special for me. We did have a very clear idea of what we wanted and the ‘Kensington’ ticked every single box so it was absolutely perfect.

“The development has little cul-de-sacs and all the houses in the cul-de-sacs the elevations are different – they’re sensitively drawn, you don’t get rows and rows of the same coloured bricks, there’s lots of variety so that you feel you’re individual as opposed to just somebody at door number three. Our little road looked as if the houses had been there forever!

“The local Tweseldown Infant School is being relocated right in the middle of Queensacre which makes us a real community. There’s going to be shops here, there’s a pond that local people now call the village pond and there’s ducks, so it doesn’t get better than that – it really is the most appealing place to live.

“I wouldn’t ever buy from anybody else, simply because of the design, of the service, the customer care is really good and the comfort of all the back-up you get, the support you get from the sales staff – that’s particularly helpful. I genuinely wouldn’t buy from anybody else.”

Annette King, Queensacre resident