Redding Wood offers a mature place for one couples' retirement

Date: Thursday 11 February 2016

Having lived in the same family home for over thirty years in Lauriston, the incredible setting and the chance to take advantage of a stress-free move with part-exchange made our Redding Wood development the perfect move when Peter Butler, a retired oil and gas engineer, and his wife Catherine, a retired teacher, decided to make their move.

The couple were originally prompted by other family members to consider the development for what would be their one and only move as Peter explains:  “This is the only move my wife and I have made or indeed want to make following 30 years in the same house in Lauriston just down the road from this development, but we had reached a point where we were ready for a move from an old four bedroom house and consider retirement.

“We’re local and so we know the area very well, and as a young boy I knew about the Redding House estate so it was a real gem of a discovery when we found new homes being built here.  

“We were attracted to Redding Wood primarily due to the incredible natural setting this development enjoys with its beautiful mature trees, which combined with the general benefits that buying a new home offers made it a winning move for us.  

“We knew that if we bought a new home that we’d have very little DIY or maintenance to worry about, and that we’d be able to take advantage of Taylor Wimpey’s part-exchange scheme which was ideal because we couldn’t face the prospect of selling our old home.  Moving to Redding Wood has allowed us to achieve a stress-free move to an incredible spot that we just love.”

Securing the right home within the development was very important for the couple as Peter adds: “We chose the house from plan but we could tell from the plans and the development layout that it was ideal for us.  The house that we bought – the four bedroom detached Buchanan with garden room from Taylor Wimpey’s Caledonia Collection – is a superb house and it’s the one where the modern layout ticked all the boxes for me.  We’ve got four really spacious bedrooms that are perfect for when our family comes to stay over, as well plenty of living space when we’re relaxing or entertaining.  Our garden room means we can enjoy the mature and tranquil natural setting of this home all-year-round and my study has views to the trees – it’s great!

“And where our house is actually situated on the development is perfect for us.  It’s at the end of a cul-de-sac and it’s surrounded by mature trees so it’s an ideal and quiet spot for us to enjoy on our own, but there’s also lots of space for our four grandchildren to play outside and make the most of this lovely setting.

“We’ve only moved just over two miles so we already know the local area very well, but Redding Wood also ticks the box for so many other reasons.  

“It’s really handy for transport links to Edinburgh or Glasgow, so whilst we don’t need to commute any longer when Catherine and I want to head off somewhere it’s really convenient to know that within a few minutes we can be on the motorway, or at the local train station depending on our plans.  

“And it’s within walking distance of a supermarket so I can easily walk for my paper each day, or we can enjoy a lovely walk along the Union Canal which is also just a stone’s throw away.”

Life in their new homes continues to be as busy as ever as Catherine adds: “We’ve really settled into this phase of our new life in our new home, and it’s certainly busy with our three children and their respective families all living so close and visiting us regularly.  

“We love nothing better than getting the grandchildren out on their scooters and enjoying the paths through the development– it’s just a lovely mature space that we enjoy using regularly.”

The couple have made some impressive energy savings too as Peter concludes: “In moving from an old house into a new house I believe that on average I’ve cut my energy consumption and bills by around 15% annually which is quite a significant saving.  And in fact, I’ve also now installed solar panels to maximise this efficiency.”