Taking The Lead In Customer Service In Corby Northamptonshire

Date: Friday 18 December 2009

Our staff are always keen to go the extra mile for their customers, but when Sylvie Keep moved into her brand new home at Poppyfields, Corby, little did she realise just how helpful some are willing to be.

More than six months after settling into her three-bedroom detached home at the popular Northamptonshire development, the 73-year-old animal lover faced missing out on a holiday abroad because no-one could look after her pet dog, Loulou.

Fortunately for Sylvie, a solution to her dilemma was just around the corner in the form of helpful Poppyfields Sales Executive Karen Crick.

Going above and beyond the call of duty, Karen volunteered to dog-sit for the seven-year-old sheltie cross for a fortnight – allowing Loulou’s grateful owner to enjoy a welcome summer break in Gran Canaria.

Sylvie says: “Karen and I became quite friendly after she helped me move to my new home, and whenever I popped in to see her with Loulou, she’d always make such a fuss of her. When Karen found out I wanted to go away on holiday but couldn’t find anyone to look after Loulou, she very kindly volunteered to help me out.

“I thought it was too much to ask but she was happy to have her as she was off work on leave at the same time – and it worked out brilliantly. Without Karen, I wouldn’t have been able to go away. It was such a lovely thing for her to do.”