Taylor Wimpey s easymover scheme helped us sell our old property

Date: Tuesday 01 March 2011

"Our new house at Buckingham Park in Aylesbury is wonderful, we absolutely love it – and we have been really happy to let others see what a Taylor Wimpey home is actually like with people living in it; it’s a proper family home.

We found you couldn’t get the same value for money in Hertfordshire, where my partner, Liz, and I lived previously, as you can elsewhere, and a friend who already lived at Buckingham Park suggested we looked there.

We couldn’t believe the size of the house, and we instantly loved the location, so we were more or less sold straight away. But we had the problem of owning a flat in Hertfordshire, which we needed to sell. We took advantage of Taylor Wimpey’s Easymover scheme to sell our old property and it was a godsend for us. Although we were getting viewings on the flat, nobody was putting in any offers. So to end up in this amazing house just a few weeks later was a dream come true.

"The fact that all three bedrooms are of a good size really appealed to us – plus the study means there is potential to work from home or for a further play area for our daughter, Annabelle.

"We overlook some lovely countryside and the development itself is excellent, with a good mix of people and plenty of children – which means lots of playmates for Annabelle when she’s older! There’s a doctor’s surgery a minute away, and a baby clinic on site, which is incredibly handy, and a school is being built here in the future.”

Brad Lemmon, Buckingham Park resident