The Cloisters - Mr Martin Watkins

Date: Wednesday 15 February 2012

“My partner Denise and I had been living together for about four years in a rented two-bedroom terraced house in Telford and we had always wanted to buy our own place, but it is so difficult these days because first-time buyers usually need such big deposits.

“Thankfully for us, we heard about the help that was on offer for buyers like us at Taylor Wimpey’s The Cloisters development in Telford, which meant we could afford to buy a home with only a 5% deposit.

“Right from the start, everything has been really straightforward and the Sales Team has given us all the information and assistance we’ve needed to become homeowners – and we’re so happy with what we’ve been able to achieve with their help!

“No houses had been built when we first arrived at The Cloisters so we bought off plan, and they were really informative, showing us the plans for each of the properties and for the layout of the development. While our home was being built we would often come back and see how things were moving along.

“Now, we’ve got a lovely three-bedroom detached house with a nice garden. I really like the location of our property too – we’ve got a good view and it’s possible to get to the countryside quickly, plus there is a supermarket just down the road.”

Mr Martin Watkins, The Cloisters resident