The Pastures is the standout choice for the Kimbles

Date: Wednesday 21 March 2012

"Two things really stood out for us at The Pastures, and they were the great customer service we received and the amount of living space we could get for our money compared to homes in the same price bracket at other developments.

"From the second we walked into the Sales and Marketing Suite we received exceptional customer service from the Sales Executive Dawn. As first-time buyers we had no experience of purchasing a house, and the amount of time and effort Dawn took in making sure we were clear on the various steps and processes was amazing. t was clear she had our interests at heart, unlike other developers’ sales people we had spoken to in the past, who often came across as too pushy.

We’d been renting since 2008 and with a baby on the way we wanted somewhere of our own that offered us all the space we needed. We visited three developments with other housebuilders and found that the living space we could get for the price we had in mind wasn’t so good, so we were amazed at what we found when we then went to The Pastures. We reserved a three bedroom ‘Alpha’ house which not only has more living space than the other homes we’d looked at, but also came with a garage. No other developer could get anywhere near the deal we got!

I've lived in Medway all my life, but had never been to Hoo. It’s a lovely traditional village and just the sort of place that’s perfect for bringing up children. It also has an incredibly friendly feel to it – in fact, when we were exploring the area we spoke to a lady who runs a coffee shop in the village who was so friendly that she even offered to show us around!"

Kevin & Lucy Kimble, residents at The Pastures.