The Wheelers find their dream family home at Poppy Meadow in Stratford-upon-Avon

Date: Thursday 27 June 2013

"My husband Richard and I wanted to replicate the life we had in London but with a much larger, family-size home nearer the country and closer to our families and we’ve managed to do this at Taylor Wimpey’s Poppy Meadow development in Stratford-upon-Avon.

"It’s been brilliant moving into a brand new home – it’s so comfortable and it’s really made life simple. With two new babies, we definitely didn’t want to be doing DIY and we’ve not had any decorating to do either. We’ve only been here a month and I’ve already unpacked my last box.

"I imagined I’d be very much car orientated moving out of London, but in fact I’m now out on foot all the time, going to the park, the playground and the shops.

"Our flat in London was great, but it just can’t compare with the space we have now at Poppy Meadow. The kitchen/dining room overlooking the garden gives us a lovely entertaining space where we spend all our time as a family and we have a grown-up lounge too!"

Sarah Wheeler, Poppy Meadow resident