Threshold of new home proves perfect for a proposal

Date: Wednesday 26 August 2015

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“We had been renting together for nearly three years but buying our own home was something we had always been interested in. We reserved the house we’re in now back in December 2014 before it was built and we’d been coming up every other week or so to see how the house was developing.

“On this particular occasion we’d just been out for a meal and Daniel said ‘shall we go and have a look at the house?’ We went up and looked through the window, and he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him on the porchway in front of the house.

“I said yes, straight away – I thought it was really thoughtful!

“It’s a really, really lovely home. We looked around at quite a few places before we discovered this development, but Stour Valley topped them all.

“I think my favourite room in the house is the kitchen: it’s beautiful and I just love it. Because we purchased off-plan we were able to choose all the colours and cupboards and worktops, and it’s all come together really well.

“We live in Kidderminster anyway and so we know the area quite well. The Stour Valley development is near my work as well as the main headquarters of where Daniel works at CJP Underfloor Heating, and it’s also close to the town and both of our families.

“And where we are, there’s going to be a supermarket and a new leisure centre, so we won’t have to travel too far for anything.”

Kirsty Greaves and Daniel Blackburn, residents at Stour Valley