Donna and Mark celebrate twice in one day!

Date: Thursday 08 May 2014

“My partner Donna Newitt and I had been renting for the last three and half years and when we sat down and worked it out, we discovered we’d spent £30,000 in rent alone.

On top of that, every year we’d get a rent increase and although we were only in a two bedroom house it looked like we’d have to downsize when our baby girl, Savannah, was born.

When we looked at the monthly repayments, they were way out of our price range and it made us feel really panicky about the future. Then it occurred to us that our friends, Luke and Natalie, who are in a similar position to us, were buying a new house at Taylor Wimpey’s Lavender Fields development in Evesham.

Luke told us that they’d only had to find a 5% deposit for their home and 75% of the cost of the mortgage. The remaining 20% is covered by equity loans, and there’s no interest to pay on these for the first five years.

We went through an eligibility and affordability check with Orbit HomeBuy Agents and within days found out we were eligible. Everyone was really helpful and supportive, we were helped every step of the way. It really felt like all we’d had to do was say yes to Orbit and Taylor Wimpey and they did everything else for us, it was so straightforward.

We’ll always remember the date we bought our first home, it’s also the day we became mum and dad – our daughter, Savannah, was born at 8am on the day of completion. It’s been great to have our own place to bring Savannah back to and we couldn’t have asked for better neighbours – we pop round to each others every day and really help each other out.

The most amazing thing is how much cheaper buying this way is than renting. We can hardly believe it, but we’re £250 a month better off and have the security and luxury of our own home.”

Mark Lewis, Lavender Fields resident