Natalie and David use Part Ex at Willmott Meadow

Date: Thursday 08 May 2014

“We visited the development when it first opened and it was very busy. Having grown up in Wem, I know how rare it is to find a new development of family-size homes in the area, and so I’m not surprised by the interest Willmott Meadow has received from the moment it opened.

With family in the town and jobs nearby, we really wanted to stay in Wem if possible. Having looked at second-hand properties in the area we found the biggest issue was the size of deposit we’d need – in the region of 20%, which is a considerable amount of money – plus, we were put off by the fact you never know what’s around the corner with an older house, maintenance-wise.

With a new-build, we know we won’t have any hidden issues to deal with, and the fact that Taylor Wimpey’s Part Exchange scheme meant we could swap our old home for a new one took away all the hassle of trying to sell it ourselves.

I know a few other people have had their homes on the market for quite a while, so Part Exchange seemed the perfect opportunity for us to get the home we really wanted.

It’s so quiet here – we love it. We’re right on the edge of the countryside, which is lovely, and you don’t hear any passing traffic, which is a big change for us as our old place was on a main road in town. At the same time, we’re just a 10-minute walk from the centre of Wem, so we have the best of both worlds."

Natalie Bolas, Willmott Meadow resident