Kelly and Paul get Help to Buy

Date: Thursday 08 May 2014

“We’re really looking forward to having our own space after living at home. We’ll have a garden for my dog Buster, and we’ll be able to have little parties and even have a spare room for friends to stay over.

We initially thought we couldn’t afford to buy a house, but then my partner Paul, who works at Sainsbury’s in Merry Hill, was promoted and we realised we would be able to.

It’s been hard living at home for so long but we knew it was the only way we’d be able to save up for our own place. We knew if we put our minds to it we’d get there eventually, but Help to Buy has helped us get there so much quicker. We’d have probably been another three years at home before we could afford to buy a house without it.

Going through Help to Buy was really straight forward and the Sales Executives kept us informed through the whole process. Everything’s sorted now and we’re just waiting for the house to be built so we can move in. Hopefully we’ll be in for Christmas!”

Kelly Starr, Woodall Grange purchaser