We are happy to reunite family in Hampshire

Date: Tuesday 18 February 2020

TWWL_Bramley_View_Knights 5

Eager to live closer to their sons, David and Eileen Knights (both 73) decided to make the move from North Wales and start 2020 in the comfort of a new home located in the beautiful Hampshire village of Bramley.  

Leaving their 1850’s listed property, the Knights’ home for the last 26 years, the couple decided to pack up and move to the Hampshire area and rent until they could find the ideal home that suited their lifestyle. David and Eileen decided to visit Bramley View development in West London. When passing through the village, there they came across the perfect home for them, the Langdale. 

The contemporary internal layout of the detached four-bedroom home was what initially enticed the couple to purchase the Langdale. David said: “We were drawn to the large kitchen/dining area, the  spacious lounge and separate dining room. The master bedroom with an en-suite was also a great attraction. We both enjoy craft work and so we have been able to dedicate two bedrooms for this, with a big spare bedroom for guests.”

Talking about the first impression of Bramley View, Eileen said: “We liked the fact that it was a relatively small development and found the design, layout and location were the best for us now and for the future.”

“Bramley View has a lovely countryside feel which is exactly what we were looking for, having not lived in a village for many years. We wanted a house that was not too remote and had good services, connections and was close enough to our family.”

David added: “The local shop is a great attraction and the bakery is very nice, but naughty! The major shops are all in Basingstoke which is only a short distance to travel.”