Woodlands Park in Bedford Built us a Very High Quality Home

Date: Tuesday 01 March 2011

"We’ve lived in homes from other housebuilders before, but our Taylor Wimpey house at Woodlands Park in Brickhill, Bedford, is by far and away the best of the lot.

The architects have done an incredible job on our new home, putting a lot of thought into how to make the house so roomy inside. The proportions of the rooms are really generous, and the floor to ceiling heights are perfect – you don’t feel boxed in, like you can in some new-build houses. Everywhere is just so spacious and there’s plenty of room for storage, particularly in the bedrooms, which are huge.

"The build quality is very, very good and the finish is superb. It’s the little things which have impressed us, such as how well the doors have been hung, and the finish on the skirting boards. Every little job has been done to an extremely high standard, which shows how serious Taylor Wimpey is about quality.

"The top floor has two huge bedrooms which share a bathroom, and that was one of the big attractions of the property type we chose. My husband, Robert, and I have given the top floor over to our two boys, who absolutely love it. Both bedrooms are the same size – enormous – so there will be no arguments later in life, and having the top floor devoted to the boys means we can keep a lot of their toys and clutter away from the other parts of the house. Having their own bathroom means we can also keep their bath toys out of our bathroom – which is something I’m sure all parents of young children will appreciate!

"I go to London two or three times a week for work, and being well positioned for Bedford railway station, the commute is really easy. Plus, if I want to get to the M1, I can get there in 15 minutes, thanks to the new A421 road, which skirts around the edge of Bedford. Robert has a couple of good routes to Letchworth, including the A1 which is easy to get to from Woodlands Park.”

Sarah Davis, Woodlands Park resident