New homes as they should be
Building a

Better World

Playing our part in creating a greener home for us all.

The Shelford Schlars Chase Stoke Gifford

We're making significant progress 

Building responsibly and taking care of our environment is important to us all. We’ve worked hard to reduce direct carbon emissions intensity by 43% since 2013 and 97% of our construction waste is now recycled. But we’re not stopping there, we’re working hard to do even better.
Man filling watering can

energy efficient homes

Sustainable features can be seen throughout our homes, from high quality insulated roofs, walls, and windows, through to A-rated energy-efficient appliances. Our new build homes come with a smaller carbon footprint than an equivalent second-hand property, which means lower energy bills for you.
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the next generation

Our paid apprenticeships give our apprentices hands-on development and support across a whole range of skills. We’re proud to have recruited 382 apprentices in 2019. By supporting a young person’s career, it makes our future team even stronger.
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