Proposed Development

Barton Le Clay

Barton Le Clay, MK45 4LT

Learn about our plans for an exciting new community in Barton Le Clay

We are preparing an outline planning application to bring forward up to 500 new homes and a new lower/primary school on land east of Barton-le-Clay.

The site lies just to the east of the existing boundary of Barton-le-Clay, bound by Higham Road to the north and fields to the south, as shown on the site layout plan to the right.  This site is proposed for Central Bedfordshire Council’s emerging Local Plan for residential development.

Development Brief Consultation 

We are consulting on a draft Development Brief, which will influence the design objectives and principles of future development on land east of Barton-le-Clay.

We have submitted an outline planning application to Central Bedfordshire Council for up to 500 homes, a new primary/lower school and Public Open Space for this site (reference CB/21/02409/OUT). The proposals were progressed in line with the site’s allocation in the Local Plan (reference ‘HAS05’) and were shaped through engagement with the community and local stakeholders which has been ongoing since 2019 – this included a public exhibition, update newsletter and stakeholder meetings. 

We have prepared a draft Development Brief for the Council’s agreement, which will then become a guiding document for all future detailed planning applications for development on land east of Barton-le-Clay..

What is a Development Brief?

We have created a Development Brief to secure Council agreement on our vision, design objectives and key principles to ensure we deliver a sustainable and inclusive development on land east of Barton-le-Clay.

We will be holding a four week consultation period to understand your views on this document. Following this, we will finalise and submit the brief to the Council for their formal consideration ahead of it being considered by the Development Management Committee. Once it is endorsed, it will become a guiding document for all future detailed planning applications for development on land east of Barton-le-Clay – with the design objectives and development parameters needing to be met before construction can begin. 

A summary of the key vision, objectives and development parameters set out in the Development Brief is outlined below. The full draft document can be seen by clicking here , along with the technical landscape and visual matters  and ecology documents . 

Key vision and objectives

We have identified nine key objectives to deliver our vision for Barton-le-Clay which include:
1. Delivery of approximately 500 homes, with a range of house types and tenures 
2. Provision of a new primary/lower school 
3. Integration and enhancement of the existing infrastructure and facilities within Barton-le-Clay, providing a suitable vehicular access and sustainable transport connections
4. Provision of new or improved footpath/cycleway links, along with upgrades to the existing Public Right of Way
5. Delivery of a high quality development and edge to Barton-le-Clay, along with provision of a new Green Belt boundary 
6. Creation of a new park, along with planting and landscaping to enhance new and existing habitats
7. Creation of distinctive places that contribute to the local character 
8. Creation of an attractive, landscape-led development to promote wellbeing and healthy living
9. Implementation of climate resilience measures to create a sustainable development 

Development principles

The objectives set out above have informed a number of development principles which are summarised below. 
Local distinctiveness and character achieved through a sensitively designed layout and new homes
Delivery of a rich mix of housing types, sizes and tenures to accommodate a variety of household types – meeting local housing needs
Enhanced landscape features including new planting of native species and the retention of existing trees and hedgerows, along with new green open and play spaces 
New infrastructure including a new primary/lower school
Delivery of suitable vehicular, cycle and pedestrian access via Higham Road
An internal street network that ensures pedestrian safety, is suitable for a potential bus route and reduces vehicle speeds through careful design
Incorporation of a well-connected network of footpaths and cycleways to promote wellbeing, encourage healthy living and create a positive place to live
A Sustainable Urban Drainage system (SUDs) to manage surface water run-off
Ensuring climate resilience measures are integrated into the scheme to promote long term sustainability through building design, layout and construction

What does this look like and how can I share my feedback?

Our illustrative masterplan shows how these principles could be delivered. Further detail is included within the draft Development Brief document and accompanying technical documents which can be downloaded using the links below.

We will be holding a four week consultation and would like to hear your feedback on the Development Brief. We would be grateful for your comments by 25 September 2021. 

To share your feedback, you can contact us via email on [email protected] or via our Freephone consultation hotline number on 0808 168 8296. 

Draft Development Brief 
Landscape and Visual Matters Document
Ecology Document  



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