Proposed Development

Broken Stones

Blackburn, BB3 0LL

Learn about our plans for Broken Stones, an exciting new development off Broken Stone Road, Blackburn.

Taylor Wimpey have been working closely with Blackburn and Darwen council and key stakeholders on plans to develop a new community in this rural area on the outskirts of Blackburn.

Taylor Wimpey have agreed to buy a portion of the site and will deliver up to 225 new homes with access coming off Broken Stone Road. The homes built will fit seamlessly into the surrounding countryside as our design looks to mimic that of the local area to embed this new development into the community.

Through this development, we would like to allow our residents to enjoy the surrounding green space, hence why we are leaving areas of existing woodland and providing access paths for our residents to enjoy the rural areas further afield. The site will also bring in economic activity to the area and benefit local businesses. 

Some images are used for illustrative purposes only and include optional upgrades at additional cost. Development managed by Taylor Wimpey Manchester.

Development Map


The principles of the new development were established during the outline planning permission, permitted by The Blackburn with Darwen Council.  As a result of this, our Reserved Matters application was approved by Blackburn and Darwen council in January 2022. For most recent updates, please click here.

Our aim is to create a neighbourhood that suits the needs of modern day life. To help support the needs of the local area and meet the demand for housing, we are proposing a development with a variety of homes. The development will consist of 3-5 bedroom properties both semi-detached and detached.

To ensure our future residents enjoy their time on the development we will incorporate as much of the existing green infrastructure as possible. Notable areas such as Potters Plantation will stay untouched and even be added to in the form of a SUDS (Sustainable Drainage System) basin to increase biodiversity in the area. 

In order to enjoy the features of the development and the nearby countryside, the development will also benefit from a number of paths and access routes that flow through the green areas. In some areas these paths will be accompanied by social spaces and trim trails. 



We take great pride in creating street scenes that both fit in and add to the local surroundings. We have high standards of place making and ensure we plan for present and future living needs. 

Homes proposed

We have planned our housing mix to suit the needs of an expanding local area with families, downsizers and first time buyers all catered for.

Our 3 bedroom semi-detached properties offer flexible living with an open plan concept throughout. While our four beds all benefit from garages and extensive living space they are not all the same and the subtle variations ensure we have an option for all.

Our only 5 bedroom property, The Lavenham, caters for the larger families with two integral garages and five double bedrooms. Its well designed space and size means it will be a welcome home to those who acquire it.

Our Braxton, is a semi-detached three bedroom property. Its point of difference, however, compared to our other three bedroom properties on the site is that it benefits from a third floor. The whole of the third floor is taken up by bedroom one and the en suite, offering space and privacy for those who buy this house. 

About our proposals features


We understand that a new development will have an impact on the existing community and we have carefully considered this as we have developed our proposals for Riven Stones.

Therefore, our plans include a network of paths within the development.  We have also thought about our future residents ability to explore further afield with routes built in to help our customers explore both North and South of the site. 

The development benefits from being in close proximity to the M6, M65 and M61 motorways, offering future residents fantastic access routes to Greater Manchester, Liverpool and further afield. This includes through routes to both Manchester and Liverpool John Lennon airports, both situated just under an hour away.  Additionally, the development has two train stations nearby; Cherry Tree Station (2.2 miles) and Blackburn Station (3.3 miles). 



Our surface water drainage strategy is to ensure that no more water runs off the site post development than currently is the case. 
This will be achieved through the delivery of a variety of sustainable drainage features. This will include creating basins on site to hold surface water run-off, before controlling the release of this water through a swale and pipe system. Swales are shallow, broad and vegetated channels designed to store and/or convey water run-off. 


A comprehensive scope of baseline ecological survey and assessment, including surveys for relevant protected species, has been carried out at the site in 2018 with updates in 2020.  Surveys were carried out by appropriately qualified and experienced ecologists and in accordance with relevant standard survey guidelines.  
The ecological guidance, based on the baseline surveys, has been provided to the design team throughout the preparation of the Illustrative Siteplan.

Opportunities to enhance the ecological interest and habitat connectivity and seek measurable biodiversity gain through appropriate landscape planting and habitat creation and management have been identified, as required by the NPPF and other relevant planning documents. 

The proposals provide an opportunity to secure and achieve the removal of Japanese Knotweed (an invasive plant species) from the site.  Other benefits and measurable gains for biodiversity are also secured by habitat creation (i.e. opportunities for nesting birds, including Priority Species, and roosting bats both within the retained woodlands and the residential development) and by preparation and implementation of a detailed Landscape and Ecology Plan, which has been secured by planning condition. 

Our approach

Previous planning applications

In 2007, the site was subject to a planning application for the Pleasington Lakes Holiday Village.  The proposals were to create a high quality holiday home complex consisting of 120 lodges. 
The proposal was refused contrary to Planning officers recommendations.  This was due to the design being unsatisfactory in respect of its landscape impact and the site comprising of land, which is subject of two enforcement notices requiring the removal of unauthorised waste materials. 

Amenities and facilities

We aim to support the communities in which we build. 
One way in which we do this is by contributing financially to key aspects of the area. For instance over the course of the construction of the site, £350,000 will be paid towards green infrastructure and £2.4 million will be paid to improve educational facilities in the area. 

Economic benefits

The development scheme will support up to 130 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) construction jobs over the course of the 5 year build period, generating circa £57m of construction expenditure. This will be used to support local construction businesses and those in the supply chain of contractors. 


The Gross Value Added contribution of the development to the economy is expected to be £10.6m. Based on the average household expenditure (2017) it is estimated that the total annual expenditure generated by the new households once the scheme is fully occupied would be a total of £13m per annum.  In particular, it is estimated that £5.7m in comparison and £2.2m in convenience retail expenditure per annum (which will be mainly invested within the local economy) would be generated. 

The development of 450 homes has the potential to generate approximately £6.8m in Council Tax over 10 years, based on 2018-19 Council Tax - Band C charges for Blackburn. 
The development will generate New Homes Bonus payments of circa £3.6m in the 6 years following the completion of the development.


Open space

Ensuring our residents and the local community have access to beautiful green open spaces is a key consideration.
Our proposals for Riven Stones include significant areas of public open space and play areas for residents and the wider community to enjoy. 

Community benefits features