Proposed Development

Brotherton Farm

Livingston, EH55 8QW

Learn about our plans for an exciting new community in Livingston

We are working closely with local residents, community groups, West Lothian Council and other key stakeholders to develop plans for an exciting new community at Brotherton Farm, Livingston. Our proposals include around 285 new family homes, 25% of which will be affordable housing. Our development proposal is expected to provide a choice of 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes perfect for young couples and families with the range of styles finalised through the planning process. 

Our plans also include high-quality landscaping, recreation areas and play space for family and friends to enjoy. The development design also includes improvements to the attractive woodland of Harwood Water on the western boundary of the site and we plan to create green connections to Limefield Glen wherever possible. Following community feedback, we have also incorprated a flexible live/work area, which could comprise space for local residents to work remotely.
Some images are used for illustrative purposes only and include optional upgrades at additional cost. Development managed by Taylor Wimpey East Scotland.

Our Proposal for Brotherton Farm

The Masterplan

We want to create a thriving new community in Livingston.
Our proposed development at Brotherton Farm aims to create an attractive place to live that offers plenty of green open space and good local transport connections, while also providing residents in this new and emerging community with easy access to existing walking, cycling and public transport networks to be able to connect with the established community of Livingston.  

There will be a range of new homes in a range of styles and sizes and 25% will be affordable homes for local people.

Street scenes

The appearance of the new homes will be reflective of the local area and we will use locally sourced materials to ensure the development is in keeping with existing houses nearby.
To create a characterful community, the proposed development will be designed to create a sense of place and maximises the latest Scottish Government Planning Policy for Designing Streets. These designs give priority to pedestrians over vehicles through the use of shared surfaces and home zones to create natural areas of focus at key points of the development.

Homes proposed

Our proposals include 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes with the range of styles being finalised through the planning process. 25% of homes will be affordable.
All our homes will be two storey with a mix of detached, semi-detached and terraced designs.

About our proposals features


We understand that a new development will have an impact on the existing community, and we have carefully considered this as we have developed our proposals to ensure our development is designed for healthy living.

As part of the planning application process, we have prepared a Transport Assessment and the proposed primary access, off the A71, has been agreed with the Council in principle.

Cycling and walking will be encouraged with a network of footpaths and cycleways, which will provide easy access to the nearby towns and residential areas. Existing transport links, include the A71 which is adjacent to the development, and existing local bus services will service the development making this an easy choice for commuters and those who need to travel around the local area.  


We have prepared a flood risk assessment and surface water drainage strategy to ensure that an appropriate drainage strategy is put in place. 
To reduce the impact of the proposed development on the existing drainage network we propose the addition of a sustainable urban drainage system. This will be designed to manage the flow of surface water.


Preserving and enhancing local wildlife is a key consideration when we plan and build new developments. We have carried out ecological surveys to identify any ecological constraints on the site.
Our plans include significant opportunities to enhance the site for local wildlife and measures to enhance biodiversity. These include new bat and bird boxes, a sensitive lighting scheme to respect nocturnal wildlife and the creation of diverse natural habitats for birds.

Our approach features

Previous use

Brotherton Farm covers an area of 15.7 hectares and is an area of land on the south-western edge of Livingston. It is currently in agriculture use 

Previous consultations and feedback

A virtual public consultation was held in February 2021 and meetings have been offered to local Councillors and Community Councils. Following the public consultation, our proposals for the site were reduced from 22 hectares and circa 400 homes to 15.7 hecates delivering circa 300 homes.

History of the site features

Economic benefits

We want to deliver new homes and facilities that positively integrate with and enhance the local community.
Making community contributions to the local area where we build is important to us. We will hold discussions with West Lothian Council concerning the community benefits required resulting from this development.

Open space

Ensuring our residents and the local community have access to beautiful green open spaces is a key consideration.
Our designs for the development include enhancing the Harwood Water on the western boundary of the development, and providing links to Limefield Glen which gives residents and the wider local community greater access to these beautiful outdoor spaces to enjoy their leisure time. Within the Indicative Masterplan, we have plans to include high-quality landscaping, recreational areas and a play space, which will create natural opportunities for this new community to meet and socialise.

Amenities and facilities

We aim to support the communities in which we build. One way we do this is by providing new facilities that local people will benefit from.
Our proposals will provide a range of helpful features that helps to make this community grow which includes a street network that encourages walking and cycling to promote healthy living; creation of an ecological and recreational corridor and subject to further discussions with West Lothian Council, links to Limefield Glen and nearby Alba Business Park.

Community benefits features