Proposed Development

Cat Flatt

Marske by the Sea, TS11 8LB

Taylor Wimpey have submitted a Full Planning Application for 114 new family homes on land on Cat Flatt Lane

Taylor Wimpey North Yorkshire are working with local residents, Redcar and Cleveland Council and other stakeholders to submit a full planning application for this exciting new proposed development in the village Marske-by-the-Sea, situated just 1.2 miles away from the beach.

Our proposals include 114 new family homes of which there will be a range of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes as well as some affordable housing. This will provide a great choice for all types of buyers, from working professionals and young couples, to growing families or downsizers.

Redcar and Saltburn are located under 4 miles away and Middlesbrough is located a little over 10 miles away. Marske-by-the-Sea has a number of amenities, including a number of primary schools and pubs, as well as a church, hall, and of course the beach.

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Our proposal for Cat Flatt

About our proposals

 Taylor Wimpey have submitted full planning application for 114 new family homes, of which a range will be affordable homes. We have also proposed a range of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes that will be made up of detached, semi-detached and terraced homes.

We have proposed our homes will be energy efficient and will be made of high-quality materials from local contractors. 


Proposal overview:

  • 114 high quality energy efficient homes
  • A range of 2,3 & 4 bedroom homes
  • An allocated amount of affordable homes
  • Landscaped buffer to the boundaries
  • Access Via Silverdale Gardens
  • Retained Public Right of Way
  • Use of Sustainable Urban Drainage Pond

Community benefits

The proposed development will provide much needed housing in the borough, this will also have a positive knock-on effect to local businesses who will benefit through the increased footfall and employment will also be created both directly and indirectly. 

The development will have a legal agreement with the local authority called a section 106 agreement which covers any required improvements to the existing and local infrastructure and services as well as community projects.

The development will benefit from a proposed landscaped buffer and there will be strong pedestrian links to the open space on Silverdale Gardens on the Rowan Garth estate.

Vehicle and Pedestrian links are proposed linking the development to the wide range of amenities in Redcar and Marske.

News and updates

Thursday 24th November

First and foremost, thank you all for attending the Cat Flatt Consultation event. Your feedback and questions are valuable to us. We have reviewed the feedback forms and emails and have collated the questions that were representative of the residents. Please view our response to your questions, we hope this addresses your concerns. 

Questions & Answers 

1. Where do vehicles enter and exit the development? why is this the access point?

Transport Assessment 

Ongoing assessment which proposes access through Silverdale Gardens and will require the acquisition of No. 70. Engineering designs undertaken to date show that the proposed access works well and that suitable visibility splays can be maintained to ensure safe access and egress of vehicles through the existing estate.

As part of the transport assessment commissioned, our specialist consultants have carried out trip generation forecasting which estimates the vehicle movements that the site would be likely to generate at peak times. The assessment has identified that the proposals will not lead to significant or severe impacts on the local highway network. It has also been confirmed from junction capacity modelling that the local junctions are suitable and would not require any significant works to accommodate the proposed development. 

Local Plan

Policy H 3.14 Land at Mickle Dales, Redcar - Redcar & Cleveland Local Plan Adopted May 2018

The policy wording for the residential allocation assumes access will be gained directly from the southern boundary of the Rowan Garth site, through the existing peripheral planting buffer, subject to a transport assessment.

Temporary Construction Access

There is the potential for a temporary construction access directly off the A174 to the north. This would minimise disruption to residents of Rowan Garth and could offer further construction and programme benefits. We will be entering into discussions with Highways, particularly from a cable route programme perspective as there is current disruption on the A174 in close proximity to the site.

2. Why were residents of the Taylor Wimpey Rowan Garth development not informed of Taylor Wimpey’s intention to develop this land upon purchase?

Whilst Taylor Wimpey have had the option, we have never owned the site and it was our intention to take an access from the A174 to the south, hence the reason a future access was not intentionally retained from the Rowan Garth estate in the north. During the adoption of the Council’s local plan in 2018, it became apparent that our preferred access from A174 would not be acceptable to the planning authority. We have subsequently had to seek alternative arrangements in order to comply with the Council’s adopted planning policy which involves coming in via Silverdale Gardens. Discussions will continue with the Council

3. What will happen following this consultation?

As we finalise our plans, we will review any comments received. Your comments and feedback are important to us in developing our plans and are appreciated. An application for planning permission will be submitted before Christmas 2022 and at that time the Council will write to neighbours again giving details of the application and an opportunity to make any formal objections.

4. Will TW deliver sustainable development?

As outlined in the National Design Guide, our schemes will be designed and planned for long-term stewardship by landowners, communities, and local authorities from the earliest stages; robust, easy to use and look after, and enable their users to establish a sense of ownership and belonging, ensuring places and buildings age gracefully; adaptable to their users’ changing needs and evolving technologies.

New Building Regulations are among the interim steps toward the government's Future Homes Standard and Future Buildings Standard from 2025.  The updated regulations include amendments to ventilation, fuel and power and Infrastructure for charging electric vehicles. Our new houses are working to the updated building regulations which gives a 31% reduction in CO2 than the previous adopted building regulations.

5. Drainage Discharge

The foul water drainage design for the site proposes to discharge into the existing sewer that currently runs through the development. The existing sewer will be diverted at our southern boundary, through the proposed site roads and will pick up the existing sewer at the northeast corner of site adjacent to Cat Flatt Lane.

The surface water drainage proposals are to attenuate surface water runoff within a proposed SUDS basin at the northeast corner of site. The flows will then be restricted when leaving the basin via a flow control system, with our ultimate outfall location being the existing watercourse running along Cat Flatt Lane to the north of site. 

6. Ecology

Ecology assessments are ongoing, and we will aim to avoid detrimental impacts of development on ecology and if or where this is not possible mitigation or compensation will be provided as appropriate. Potential enhancements to the tree belt are a possibility with the instruction of bid boxes, bat boxes and hedgehog highways.

7. Will the development include Affordable Housing?

The provision of 17 affordable homes (15%), a mix of 2 and 3 bedroom properties are spread throughout the development.


November 2022
Information leaflets circulated in the local vicinity of the site.

As we finalise our plans, we will review any comments received. Your comments and feedback are important to us in developing our plans and are appreciated. An application for planning permission will be submitted soon—at that time the Council will write to neighbours again giving details of the application and an opportunity to make any further comments.

You can send any comments to us via the methods below:

‘Have Your Say’

We would ask that any comments are received by 9:00am on Friday 18th November

By Email:

[email protected]

 By post:
 Redcar Consultation
Taylor Wimpey North Yorkshire
Lockheed Court
Preston Farm Industrial Estate
Stockton on Tees
TS18 3SH

Visit our Community Consultation event to view the plans and provide feedback on the proposed development. 
Wednesday 9th November 
3pm – 7pm
Marske Leisure Centre, High Street, Marske-by-the-Sea, TS11 6JL

Our approach

Our approach to the scheme is sustainable in location with the site adjoining the Redcar built-up area and is broadly within 900m of a main bus route at Redcar Road to the north, 2km of two primary schools on Redcar Road and Longbeck railway station and 2.2km of shops, businesses and services in Marske District Centre.

Our proposal also retain and enhance the public right of way running through the site as well as the creation of a Sustainable Urban Drainage basin. The SUDs basin will hold rainwater from the development, which will help alleviate flooding in the immediate vicinity and provide a semi-wet area for ecology to flourish.

We are proposing to plant an extensive landscaped buffer around the development which will help provide a home for wildlife. 


Upcoming consultation activity

A Community Engagement event will be held - 15:00 - 19:00, 9th November 2022 at

Marske Leisure Centre
69-71 High Street
TS11 6JL


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