Proposed Development

Auchinleck Road

Robroyston, G33 1FQ

Learn more about our exciting proposed development in Robroyston.

We’re working with Glasgow City Council and Barratt Homes to bring a development of 120 three and four bedroom homes to life in the heart of an exciting new community just off Auchinleck Road, Robroyston. Our development is located immediately north of the M80, within the northern phase of the Robroyston & Millerston Community Growth Area (CGA) masterplan which will create 1,600 new homes in total.

The development offers the perfect opportunity for a suburban lifestyle with the convenience of the M80 located right on its doorstep, while the new Robroyston train station makes a trip to Glasgow City centre easy 

Robroyston has benefited from significant investment in housing development resulting in new infrastructure perfectly suited to support this new community, including the Wallace Well Retail Park, just a 4 minute drive from the development. 

Our proposed development is also located just 5 minutes from Hogganfield Park, the starting location of the new Seven Lochs nature and heritage park,  creating the perfect place to enjoy outdoor pursuits with its miles of walking and cycling trails.
Some images are used for illustrative purposes only and include optional upgrades at additional cost. Development managed by Taylor Wimpey West Scotland.

Development Map


We want to create a thriving new community off Auchinleck Road in Robroyston.

When complete, the Robroyston and Millerston Community Growth Area will create up to 1,600 homes and it will play a vital role in developing a thriving community in Robroyston. To date, the masterplan has delivered over 1,000 homes and our development is located in the final, northern sector of the masterplan representing an exciting opportunity for Taylor Wimpey to become part of an already growing community.

Whilst the scale of the masterplan is impressive, the design of our development has carefully considered its location to ensure that it is integrated fully and provides easy, sustainable connections to the wider area. This is achieved through road links into neighbouring developments along with a new footpath network, providing pedestrian access to the existing woodland areas.

The masterplan will continue to see significant investment in the creation of an overhead cycle and footpath link across the M80, strengthening the connections to the wider community and providing easy access to the southern part of the masterplan.


Homes proposed

Our proposal includes a range of 120 new homes with a choice of three and four bedroom homes.
Our development will provide an impressive range of semi-detached homes, as well as detached homes to appeal to a wide range of buyers and lifestyles. 

The development will feature homes from our Scottish house type range and will include the three bedroom Baxter, Blair and Chalmers along with the four bedroom Drummond, Fraser, Geddes, Hughes, Maxwell and Stewart.

About our proposals features


We understand that any new development will have an impact on the existing community and we have carefully considered this as we have developed our proposals.
The vehicular movement strategy has been informed by both the approved Planning Permission in Principle Masterplan, and the earlier development phases to the north of the site.

The provision of pedestrian movement has been prioritised throughout the site, through the introduction of dedicated footpath links, footways, shared surface and a new cycle path link. Primary roads and secondary streets will incorporate footways on both sides, allowing ease of movement throughout the site and providing a clear hierarchy between vehicular and pedestrian surfaces. 

Clear visibility will be established along walking routes and footpaths within the development will be overlooked by housing to enhance pedestrian safety. A perimeter footpath network will also ensure the development offers a range of walking routes which make use of the existing landscape.

Links to the surrounding path network will also be enabled by creating informal footpath links to the existing phases
of development to the north, links to the west of the site and a new foot/cycle bridge to the south, which allows for connections over the M80.


Preserving and enhancing the existing surroundings is a key consideration for us when planning a new development. 
Existing areas of woodland which enclose the site to the south, east and west will be enhanced with additional planting providing a robust landscape framework. 

The landscape strategy has incorporated a large amount of structural woodland and hedgerow style planting around the perimeter of the development area. Much of this is existing on the eastern and southern edge of the site. This aims to create a natural setting for the development which links to the wider landscape, setting up green links and corridors which enhance the existing tree cover and add to it through infill planting to the rear fences of the new plot boundaries.

The SuDs area to the northern of the development phase will provide the opportunity for biodiversity and habitat creation through the planting of riparian species and sowing of meadow grass. Its location also links with the structural landscape around the periphery of the site providing wider benefits to the network of green spaces.

Open space

Ensuring our residents and the local community have access to beautiful green open spaces is a key consideration.
There will be a pocket park within our parcel with equipped play equipment, along side hedging and shurb planting which will provide partial enclousre whilst allowing natural surveillance to occur.

Our approach features