wednesday 8th may 2024

We support Haverhill Science Festival

Our East Anglia team proudly sponsored the Haverhill Science Festival with a generous £500 contribution, fostering community engagement and education in the realm of science within the local area.

Science festival

Educating the next generation

Our East Anglia team supported the inaugural Haverhill Science Festival, running from April 22nd to 27th this year. This sponsorship aimed to elevate educational aspirations in Haverhill, which has historically low levels of educational attainment. 

By showcasing STEM opportunities, including job prospects in science, technology, and engineering, the festival aimed to attract entrepreneurial ventures to Haverhill, emphasising the nearby EpiCentre.

Science festival

Our commitment aligns with Haverhill's evolving housing landscape, catering to professionals and fostering economic growth. The festival engaged over 2000 students from all local schools, and featured inspiring talks by Helen Sharman, Britain's first astronaut, and a community fun day at East Town Park, fostering excitement for science through hands-on activities like rocket building.