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Land off Lewis Lane, Arlesey

Land off Lewis Lane - Arlesey - Bedfordshire - SG15 6FB

Taylor Wimpey have submitted an outline application for a new residential development of up to 80 new homes on land to the east of High Street, off of Lewis Lane in Arlesey.   

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  • Overview


    We have submitted an outline application for the development of up to 80 new homes in Arlesey. The site lies east of High Street, on Lewis Lane. 

    The application site is bordered by existing residential development to the west and south, whilst the forthcoming Arlesey Cross development will sit to the north and east of the site. 

    As part of the pre-application process we worked closely with local residents and stakeholders. Engagement activities included pre-application discussions with key stakeholders such as Central Bedfordshire Council, Arlesey Town Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Group; a site neighbour workshop, the distribution of a consultation leaflet (which can be read here) and hosting a project website. This engagement has enabled the project team to build an understanding of the local context and raise awareness of the proposals.

    As a result of the consultation feedback received, a number of changes were made to the masterplan including: 

    · The original masterplan included a potential for a pedestrian / cycle link from Lewis Lane to the proposed site. This link has been removed following feedback from site neighbours, who wished to retain their privacy and current usage of Lewis Lane. 

    · As requested through the feedback, potential pedestrian / cycle links still remain from the proposed site to the Arlesey Cross development in the north and the east and to potential future housing south of the site.

    · The final masterplan shows a change in the layout of proposed housing. Dwellings that were proposed to the west of the site, behind existing properties of Rose Cottages, have been moved and replaced with planting, open space and an attenuation area. These changes address feedback surrounding improving drainage on site and the protection of existing outlook for site neighbours.

    The outline planning application received resolution to grant in July 2019 and will receive formal approval following the finalisation of the section 106. You will be able to view the details and leave comments on the Council’s website at www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk.


  • About the site

    About the site


    P18-0345_01-3 Site Layout Wider Context-page-001


    The site covers an area of 2.34 hectares and is located within the Central Bedfordshire Council jurisdiction, to the east side of the High Streetin Arlesey.

    To the south and west of the site lies existing residential development, whilst the forthcoming Arlesey Cross development will contain the site to the north and east. 

    Vehicular access to the site will be taken from Rose Cottages whilst there is potential for pedestrian/cycle links via Lewis Lane. 


    Picture right: Proposed area of development within local context, including forthcoming Arlesey Cross development

  • What's proposed

    What's proposed

    We have submitted a planning application to include a mixture of open market and affordable homes, as well as public open space and new vehicular and pedestrian access. An illustrative masterplan has been produced to show how the site can accommodate the proposed development (included below). 

     Masterplan - Lewis Lane

    Pictured above: Illustrative Masterplan


    We are looking to provide up to 80 high-quality homes, including 24 affordable homes - the below plan highlights the proposed layout of affordable homes. The housing will be limited to two and half storeys and will include a mix of tenure ad housing types. Images of Taylor Wimpey house types have been included here to provide an impression of how the new homes could look. 


    P18-0345_02 Affordable Housing Plan6-page-001Houseing Proposal Types LL - Arl

    Picture above: Proposed layout for open market and affordable housing on site

    Public open space

    The proposed development will include public open space. This will include a natural play area for both new and existing residents to use - images have been included to provide an impression of what this may look like. The proposed development will be fully landscaped to a high quality, with links to the future site to the east of the site. 

    Public Open Space - small images

    Access and parking

    Vehicle access will be provided from Rose Cottages to the west of the site. Each home will include two private parking spaces.


  • Community

    New homes at Lewis Lane could deliver a number of benefits for the local community. Some of these include: