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Beaufort Park

Beaufort Park - South Road - Bracknell - Berkshire - RG40 3DN

The planning application seeks Reserved Matters approval for 68 dwellings on the site including the scale, layout, appearance and landscaping.

  • Overview


    Out of the total site area of 8.15 acres (3.30 ha), 1.7 acres (0.69 ha) is open space and a further acre (0.41 ha) is a tree buffer in the north of the site. This leaves a net 5.45 acres for development. This equates to a net density of 12.48 dwellings per acre and 15,861 sqft coverage per net acre. The revised layout and mix has been informed by the pre-application meeting (15 December) taking on board officers’ comments, to create a more organic layout.  

  • About the site


    The site is situated on the southwest edge of the town of Bracknell within the Borough of Bracknell Forest. The site lies close to the administrative boundary of Wokingham Borough Council.


    The site comprises 3.59ha of land (3.36ha excluding the access road) which consists of a large rectangular plot with an access road linking the site with South Road to the east, through to Nine Mile Ride.


    ‘Beaufort Park’; a vacant office building of 4,724 sq m is located on the site along with 136 car parking spaces and landscaping. The site comprises a previously developed site, having previously been the Metrological Office Research and Development Centre.


    The site lies just outside of the settlement boundary of the urban area of Bracknell and is therefore classified as being within the ‘countryside’. The site is not within the Green Belt. The principle of housing development has however been established by the grant of Outline Planning Permission.


    The existing trees on and surrounding the site are not subject to Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs).


    The site does not contain or is in close proximity to any Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas of areas of high archaeological potential.


    The site is located in Flood Zone 1 which carries the lowest risk of flooding. A foul sewer and associated easement runs across the site, broadly east to west.


    The site is located approximately 0.7 kilometres from the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area (SPA).