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Oxley Park East

Milland Way - Oxley Park - Milton Keynes - Buckinghamshire

We are preparing new plans for the final phase of development at Oxley Park East, Milton Keynes.

  • Overview

    Final Phase, Oxley Park East

    We are currently in the process of preparing new development plans for the final phase of 26 homes at Oxley Park East, Milton Keynes, on land to the south of Milland Way.

    Our latest proposals aim to improve on a previous application for this site which was refused by Milton Keynes Council in December 2013. This decision was then upheld on appeal by the Secretary of State in September 2014.

    In response to this decision and the comments made by the Secretary of State, we have worked with planning officers at Milton Keynes Council to prepare four different design options for the site – and we are seeking feedback on these proposals before we proceed with our planning application later this year.

    You can find out more about our plans by clicking on the 'About the site' and 'What's proposed' tabs of this website.

    We welcome your comments on which of our four Oxley Park East design options you prefer, so please get in touch by clicking the 'Email us' link at the top of this page. All feedback submitted by Friday 30 October 2015 will be taken into consideration as we finalise our proposals for the site.

  • About the site


    Our most recent planning application for the final phase at Oxley Park East was refused by Milton Keynes Council and our subsequent appeal to the Secretary of State was dismissed mainly because “the proposed development fails to respond to the surrounding local context and the requirements of the High Street Character Area (in terms of house types, massing and continuity of built form)”.

    We have therefore worked closely with planning officers at Milton Keynes Council to develop four alternative designs which seek to address the reasons our previous application failed in the following ways:

    • Provide a more continuous street scene by making all properties either terraced or semi-detached

    • Provide drive-through parking to some plots so that residents can benefit from on-plot parking instead of courtyard parking

    • Ensure the Milland Way frontage reflects the previously consented street scene more closely

    • Provide additional on-street parking for residents in Milland Way

  • What's proposed

    About our proposals

    Our four design options for the final phase of homes at Oxley Park East are shown below. Please get in touch to let us know which of these (if any) you prefer - and why - by clicking the 'Email us' link at the top of this page.

    Option 1

    Option 1

    This removes the detached houses of the previous scheme and replaces them with semi-detached properties along the Milland Way frontage. It is the simplest change from the previous scheme but still incorporates wide gaps between groups of properties.

    Option 2

    Option 2

    This introduces drive-through parking to some of the homes to reduce the number and width of gaps in the Milland Way frontage. All homes are either terraced, semi-detached or ‘link-detached’ with accommodation above drive-through parking.

    Option 3

    Option 3

    This incorporates terraced, semi-detached and linkdetached designs as with Option 2, but building heights are reduced so three-storey homes occupy corner plots only. The design of link-detached plots is also different to Option 2 and the number and width of gaps between plots is further reduced.

    Option 4

    Option 4

    This amends the design of Option 3 to reduce the gap between two neighbouring plots. The width of all driveways is also reduced to a single car’s length and the second parking space is provided behind gates as a hardstanding within the rear garden area. A linking element of fencing is provided between all buildings, generally set one or two metres behind the building line. All gaps between properties are single driveway except for the paired drive-throughs between two pairs of plots.