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Eastrea Road - Whittlesey - Cambridgeshire - PE7 2AR

Taylor Wimpey East Midlands development proposal for new homes off Eastrea Road, Whittlesey a historic market town in Cambridgeshire.

  • Overview

    Eastrea Road, Whittlesey

    We have submitted a planning application for a new development of up to 169 new homes on land to the south of Eastrea Road, Whittlesey. 


    The site, which is situated between the entrance to Gildenburgh Dive Centre and Bellman's Grove, is owned by Taylor Wimpey. 


    As part of our aim to keep local people updated and allow them the opportunity to provide their own views and feedback, we held a public exhibition in June 2015 at The Manor Centre, Station Road, Whittlesey.Click hereto download the exhibition boards displayed at this event.


    We gave a further presentation to Whittlesey Town Council at its Planning Committee meeting on Friday 23rd September 2016, providing an update on the scheme prior to the application being submitted in outline. 


    We submitted the outline planning application to Mid Suffolk District Council on Thursday 13 October. Full details of the application are available to view on Mid Suffolk District Council’s online planning pages (search application reference F/YR16/1017/O ).  


  • About the site

    About the Site

    Our proposed development layout has been designed to respond to its immediate setting, the existing landscape structure and surrounding infrastructure network. 

    The development site covers an approximate area of 5.8 hectares and is situated to the west of the Gildenburgh Dive Centre. To the north is a new development due to deliver 460 new homes, currently being constructed by Larkfleet Homes. Our site will be accessed via a fourth arm off the new roundabout on Eastrea Road. To the south of the site there is an existing nature reserve and the design of our proposals ensures that there is a sufficient buffer between the new homes and this important feature. To the west of the site are existing properties including a number of bungalows. Our scheme has been designed to ensure this boundary has been considered sympathetically.  

    Eastrea road Whittlesey Proposed Development

    Site Considerations

    Before we start designing a new scheme, we complete an assessment of the site and the surrounding area. We record those features we will need to take into account in our design.  All of the relevant considerations, whether they fix the way our scheme will have to be designed or give us a real opportunity to make the most of a particular feature, are shown here.



    Flood risk and drainage


    A Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy, dated September 2016 and prepared by WYG, supports this application. This report concludes that the site is appropriate for residential development in terms of flood risk and a practical means of foul and surface water management can be provided. Sustainable drainage techniques will be used to manage excess surface water run-off to ensure there will be no increase in the risk of flooding within the site or in the surrounding area.


    The site lies within Flood Zone 1 and as such is at low risk of flooding from sources including tidal, fluvial, sewers, groundwater and artificial sources. The principle source of flood risk is considered to be an increase in surface water run-off due to the increase in impermeable surfaces on the site.


    The foul water would discharge to an upgraded existing foul water sewer in Eastrea Road. Based on the proposed ground levels, the majority of the northern area of the site can discharge to this sewer via gravity. The remainder of the site will be pumped via the proposed pumping station.


    Due to the high water table on the site, infiltration drainage is not a feasible solution for surface water drainage. Therefore, surface water attenuation storage is proposed to be provided within oversized pipes/underground storage tanks, swales and ponds. The new site drainage system will provide sufficient storage for up to the 1 in 100 year (plus climate) change storm event.  


    eastrea road Whittlesey Drainage



    A Phase 1 habitat and protect species scoping survey was initially undertaken by The Ecology Consultancy which identified a series of Phase 2 surveys to be undertaken including Great Crested Newts, Water Voles, Reptiles and Invertebrates.

    The Great Crested Newt surveys involved environmental DNA sampling of the on-site pond and five off-site waterbodies. The testing found no evidence of Great Crested Newts and it was concluded the site is not used as terrestrial or breeding habitat and as such Great Crested Newts are not a constraint to development.


    The Water Vole survey considered the on-site storage pond and no evidence was found. The pond was considered to be of low suitability for Water Voles.


    The Reptile surveys involved placing 83 artificial regugia on the site in April 2015, which were inspected on seven occasions in May and June 2015. No evidence of reptiles was found.


    The Invertebrate Assessment was based on the visual inspection of habitats and three direct sampling sessions and no species of conservation concern were recorded. 



    Transport and access

    Vehicular access to/from our proposed development will be via a fourth arm off the new roundabout recently constructed to serve the development to the north of the site. The proposed site access will have a 5.5m carriageway width. This is detailed in the Transport Assessment that supports the application, which has considered the traffic impact of the development at a 2020 assessment year, taking into account other committed developments within the vicinity of the site.

    The level of pedestrian and cycle accessibility is considered to be good and will help encourage a proportion of shorter trips to be undertaken by these modes of travel. The report considers that walking and cycling should be the key modes of travel for trips within Whittlesey.

    The level of public transport provision in the vicinity of the application site is good, offering regular services to/from Whittlesey town centre and to key destinations such as Peterborough and March. The services provide a genuine alternative to the private car. In terms of access to bus services, the site is considered to be in a sustainable location. Given the proximity of Whittlesey Train Station to the site, it is considered that rail could be an attractive alternative to the private car for medium and long distance trips.

  • What's proposed

    What's Proposed

    The application has been prepared following pre-application discussions and public consultation, which have shaped the indicative design evolution of the proposals. At all times regard has been shown for the adjacent proposed developments and the relevant planning policy. 


    The image below sets out the indicative masterplan for our proposed development. It is intended as a general guide to show you how the houses, open spaces and internal roads could be arranged. A full, detailed, layout will be prepared as part of a future ‘Reserved Matters’ application. 


    The mix of homes to be provided at the site will be determined at the Reserved Matters stage, however it is anticipated that a range of types and size of dwelling will be provided to create a balanced community, including a mix of detached, semi-detached or terraces with the majority being two storeys, with some bungalows being considered in the proximity of adjacent existing bungalows. 


    The indicative layout and design of the development is sensitive to the character of Whittlesey and the local area, and will sit congruously alongside the northern element of the strategic allocation to the east of the town. 



    The development will be designed to create a viable and attractive community that makes efficient use of the site and forms a sustainable development, integrating with the proposed surrounding residential and commercial and community developments.. 


    Materials that form the external envelope and roof of the buildings will take their cue from the surrounding area and will complement the surrounding palette. 

     An example as to how our homes may look is provided below:

    20812 - Whittlesey - Street Scene 1


    20812 - Whittlesey - Street Scene 2


    20812 - Whittlesey - Street Scene 3


  • Community

    Community Benefits

    As well as providing much-needed high quality homes ideal for local first time buyers wishing to buy in the area, up to 25% of all the homes will provide affordable housing for the local community. Our proposed development will contribute towards a range of services and infrastructure for the Whittlesey community. This will be done by way entering into a Section 106 Agreement with Cambridgeshire County Council during the planning process to ensure that adequate funding is in place to provide these local services and infrastructure. Further details relating to these provisions and contributions shall be provided in the near future once agreed with the Local Authorities.

    Conmunity engagement photos Taylor Wimpey_HO_Lifestyle-0022

  • Updates

    News and Updates

    October 2016 – outline planning application submitted


    September 2016 – presentation to Whittlesey Town Council to provide an update on the progress of the application and indication of timescales

    June 2015 – public exhibition held at The Manor Centre, Station Road, Whittlesey.


    To view the exhibition boards displayed at this event please click here