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Land at Allern Lane

Allern Lane - Tamerton Foliot - Plymouth - Devon - PL5 4PP

Taylor Wimpey have received Detailed Planning Permission for 65 new homes on land adjacent to Allern Lane and Luke’s Lane in Tamerton Foliot, near Plymouth. The site will feature a range of properties, from 1 bed apartments to 6 bedroom houses. Of the 65 new homes, 33 are private dwellings and 32 (49.2%) are for affordable provision.

  • Overview

    Land at Allern Lane

    On 14 May 2015, Taylor Wimpey submitted a detailed application for planning permission (ref: 04/1129/15/F) to South Hams District Council. The proposed development was for the construction of 65 no. dwellings (33 private and 32 affordable) with associated landscaping, car parking and infrastructure’ on land at Allern Lane, Tamerton Foliot

    The application was refused under delegated powers by a decision notice dated 10 June 2016. As such, Taylor Wimpey have lodged an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate for them to review the application. A Public Inquiry to be held between 12th and 15th September 2017. As such, Taylor Wimpey have lodged an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate for them to review the application.We have submitted a further planning application for consideration by South Hams District Council in order to allow the Council the opportunity to reconsider their position. We feel the benefits of the scheme are numerous and that the development should be supported. These include: 

    • 50% affordable housing.
    • A New Homes Bonus payment to South Hams District Council of approximately £475,000 over a six year period.
    • Approximately four jobs for every home built, either directly or indirectly, over the life of the development. This would equate to approximately 290 construction jobs on site and locally within the supply chain.
    • General approximately £67,000 per annum though additional Council Tax revenues.
    • Contributions to the local area via a Section 106 agreement to support local public services and infrastructure.
  • About the site

    About the site

    The site consists of a single triangular parcel of land of approximately 5.7 acres in area. Its western boundary is formed by Allern Lane and its eastern boundary by Luke’s Lane, both rural lanes in character and lined with mature trees. The lanes meet at the southern tip of the site. To the north the land is agricultural and the wider area rural in character.

    Tamerton Foliot is located approximately 3.5 miles northwest of Plymouth, separated from the suburbs of northern Plymouth by Cann wood. Situated at the head of Tamerton lake, an estuarine tributary of the Tamar estuary, the settlement lies within a densely wooded valley which extends into open countryside to the north and west beyond the River Tamar.

  • What's proposed

    Our proposals


    Tamerton Foliot - Rendered Masterplan

    Our concept seeks to create high quality family housing in a safe and green environment shaped around thecharacteristics and constraints of the site.

    The image shows a masterplan for our development. It is intended as a general guide to show you how the properties, open spaces and internal roads will be arranged.

    The layout has been designed to make an effective use of the site while working with the constraints that are presented to us. The layout has taken account of the trees around the site boundary and has inclusively integrated them into the public areas of the scheme. This ensures that the landscape character of the scheme is a continuing theme.

    Our development will comprise 65 new homes, including a mixture of 2, 3, 4 and 6 bedroom detached and semi-detached homes.

    Tamerton Foliot - Sketch Scheme v2

    Affordable housing

    Approximately 50% of the new homes in our  development will be provided as affordable housing. Affordable housing provision will comprise 32 properties which will be made available for affordable rent and shared ownership through registered local providers.

    Parking provision

    Car parking will be provided in accordance with Devon County Council’s Residential Parking and Design Guidance. In general, this will allow for two allocated spaces per home. Garages will not be included as recent surveys have shown that they are not always used for parking. Visitor parking spaces will also be provided.




    Landscaping and open space

    Our development will preserve all significant trees which are currently located within the site. Existing trees at the boundaries of the site will be enhanced with new planting to screen the new development from neighbouring housing and to act to increase the ecological biodiversity of the area.

  • Community

    Community contributions

    As part of our planning permission, Taylor Wimpey have committed to various financial contributions towards the local area. These are detailed in a Section 106 Agreement between ourselves, Plymouth City Council and South Hams District Council and are as follows:

    • £168,056 as an Education Contribution. This is to be paid to Plymouth City Council towards provision of additional classroom accommodation at Mary Dean’s Primary School, Tamerton Foliot.

    • £51,187.50 as an off-site Locally Equipped Area of Play Contribution. This is to be paid to Plymouth City Council towards improvements at the plays areas at Fraser Place and Bampflyde Way.

    • £95,536.50 as a Sport and Recreation Contribution. This is required to be paid to South Hams District Council to be used towards improvements to football pitches at Aylesbury Crescent and the Roborough Sports Ground.

    • £2,189.14 as a Tamar European Marine Site Contribution. This is required to be paid to South Hams District Council to be used towards mitigating recreation use on the Tamar Estuaries and Plymouth Sound Protection Areas.

    • A Local Area of Play to be delivered by Taylor Wimpey on site, which will be designed as a toddler play area with at least three items of toddler play equipment.