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Lowhills, Peterlee

Land North of Lowhills Road - Peterlee - County Durham - SR8 2DJ

  • Proposed development of 360 family homes
  • Extensive open space & landscaping proposed
  • New family homes in Peterlee

    Taylor Wimpey North East in partnership with Theakston Estates has submitted a detailed planning application for the first phase of development comprising 360 family homes in Low Hills, Peterlee. The application has been approved by Durham County Council on Thursday 19th May 2016 and we are now working through the final technical details.

    The site was granted outline planning approval in March 2013 for up to 900 homes. This application will form the first phase for that development and will include the creation new accesses, sustainable drainage scheme, open space, activity corridor and ecology enhancement.                                                             

    This website will provide information regarding the progress of the development and provide details of the design proposals.  Should you have any queries regarding the proposed developments please do not hesitate to contact us via the above links.

  • The development site


     Google earth image of site



    The land at Lowhills is located to the east of the A19 and on the northern boundary of Peterlee, with Lowhills Road to the south, Essington Way and Thorpe Road to the east, and the A1086 access route to and from the A19 to the north.

    The Lowhills extension to Peterlee offers an opportunity to provide a landscape led residential scheme that delivers much needed new homes. The vision is to greatly increase the visual and ecological value of the Lowhills site and the surrounding land holdings and provides a greater benefit to the local community in terms of access to the countryside.


     existing photo

    View looking east towards Thorpe Road 

    An outline planning application for 900 new homes was submitted to Durham County Council in March 2013 and subsequently approved in December 2013.

    This application was approved by Durham County Council on Thursday 19th Mary 2016 and we are currently working through the final details. 

  • What are we proposing?


    Architects Impression of the Site


    - Landscaping including, boundary trees & hedges as well as landscaping within the overall site. 

    - Adjacent land uses which includes residential, commercial open space and surrounding road networks including the A19. 

    - One of the most significant constraints and greatest influence on design is the topography of the site. The site slopes from a high point adjacent to the A19 down toward Thorpe Road. Access points are fixed with one off Little Thorpe roundabout and the other taken from Essington Way. This has resulted in a landscape led scheme with a green parkway around the perimeter of the site providing an overall unifying theme of space and landscape, providing a buffer to surrounding road network and helps the development nestle into its environment. Linear partways or green fingers are used to change levels across the site, divide up the site and provide opportunities for leisure and dog walking routes and informal play areas.


    When Taylor Wimpey became involved with this site, outline planning for 900 homes was already granted and there was an agreed masterplan layout which fixed certain elements and needed to be broadly followed. There is also a number of existing constraints and opportunities within the site which influence the design such as -




    Plan of Proposed Layout

  • News and Updates

    • May 2016 - Durham County Council approved our reserved matters application.
    • December 2015 - We are awaiting a decision from Durham County Council on our planning application. This is expected soon.
    • July 2015 - Reserved matters planning application for the first phase of our development of 360 new homes has been submitted.
    • Summer 2014 - We've began working with the Land Agent and Consultants to develop details for the first phase.
    • December 2013 - We've received outline planning approval for 900 new homes.

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