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Cockaynes Lane, Alresford

Land south of Cockaynes Lane - Alresford - Essex

We are preparing detailed proposals for the development of 145 dwellings along with public open space, allotments, an orchard and children’s play area, on land to the south of Cockaynes Lane, Alresford.

  • Overview

    Land South of Cockaynes Lane

    Outline planning permission was granted in June 2016 and established the principle of developing the site for 145 dwellings, together with the means of vehicle access from Cockaynes Lane and pedestrian access from Station Road. 

    We are now preparing the detailed scheme design as part of a  reserved matters planning application to be submitted to Tendring District Council.

    Under our proposals, we will provide 145 new homes – including one and two-bedroom apartments, plus two, three, four and five-bedroom properties – with 25% to be affordable housing and 75% to be sold on the private market.

    In order to allow local residents and stakeholders the opportunity to find out more about our emerging proposals we held a public exhibition at Church of St Andrew and St Peter in Alresford on Wednesday 14th December between 3pm and 8pm.

    Visitors were able to view our emerging proposals, speak to experts from our project team, ask questions and provide us with their feedback on the scheme. To view the exhibition boards displayed at the event please click here.

    The comments we received from local residents during our public consultation period will help us to refine our emerging plans before we finalise and submit a planning application to Tendring District Council.

  • About the site

    The proposed development site

    The proposed development site covers an area of approximately 6.5 hectares (approximately 16 acres). It is a greenfield site located to the south of Cockaynes Lane, bordered to the north-west by residential and commercial properties and to the east by existing homes in Station Road. The southern boundary of the site is defined by the railway line while former gravel extraction pits border the land to the west.

    Outline planning permission for a residential development at the site was granted in June 2016.

    The site is also allocated for residential development in the revised settlement boundary for Tendring District Council’s emerging Local Plan.

    You can view our approved Outline planning application by visiting Tendring District Council's online planning pages – search planning application reference number 14/01823/OUT.

    You can also view the information boards which were displayed during our initial consultation in October 2014 (for our Outline planning application) by clicking here.

    Information about the site we need to take into account

    2047_119_Parameters Plan-page-0r

          Parameters plan for the proposed development located on land south of Cockaynes Lane. (Click to enlarge)


    The main vehicular access point for the development will be situated to the north of the site, via Cockaynes Lane, with a secondary access point along the eastern boundary for pedestrians, cyclists and emergency vehicles.

    Any potential impact of the development proposals on the local area has been carefully considered throughout the design process and through discussions with Essex County Council, the local highways authority.

    The masterplan ac

    commodates sufficient parking for residents of the site, and complies with Tendring District Council’s car parking standards for new residential developments. Many of the houses will have private driveways with garages, while the apartments will h

    ave allocated parking. There will also be a proportion of visitor spaces to help ensure that all parking is contained within the development.

    The site is in a sustainable location with good connections into the existing footway network, providing accessibility to the nearby local services/facilities, bus and rail services. The impact on the wider highway network will be assessed as part of this planning application.

    The proposed development site is located in Flood Zone 1, which means it is at the lowest risk of flooding from rivers and other watercourses (<1 in 1,000 year risk).

    The superficial geology of the site largely falls within the Kesgrave Catchment Sub Group of sands and gravels, which will allow for the implementation of various Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) to manage surface water run-off within the site.

    Our SuDS proposals will include permeable paving, swales and soakaways which will allow the surface water to be filtered, improving water quality, and gradually drain away where possible. Maximum surface water run-off rates from the development will accord with the current, Greenfield levels and so will not increase the risk of flooding to neighbouring land.


    Findings from an Ecological Appraisal show that the majority of the site is generally of low ecological value.

    Trees and hedgerows at the boundaries are of local importance so we will be preserving the majority of these and we will also implement new planting.

    A range of enhancement opportunities are available as part of development, including creation of grassland and heathland habitats. The provision of orchard trees would provide foraging opportunities for birds and a range of invertebrates.

  • What's proposed

    About our proposals

    The image below shows the illustrative masterplan which forms the basis of our planning application. It is intended as a general guide to show you how the properties, open space and internal roads could be arranged.

    Alresford Masterplan FINAL Web

    The illustrative masterplan for our proposed development. Click on the image for an expandable view.

    Our proposed development comprises the following key elements:

    • 145 new homes.
    • 25% affordable housing.
    • A broad mix of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-bedroom properties.
    • Terraced, semi-detached and detached houses, plus a proportion of apartments and bungalows.
    • Vehicle access off Cockaynes Lane, with pedestrian access off Station Road.
    • Areas of public open space, allotments, an orchard and children’s play area.

    Our proposed scheme seeks to create a high-quality development that can fulfill the local need for market and affordable housing while respecting the character and heritage of the surrounding area.

  • Community

    Local contributions

    We will provide a number of contributions towards the local community as part of our proposed development, with details of these contributions agreed with the relevant local authorities.

  • Updates

    Application timeline

    • October 2014 - Emerging development proposals presented to the local community during public consultation.
    • December 2014 - Outline planning application submitted to Tendring District Council.
    • March 2015 - Outline planning application refused by Tendring District Council.
    • February 2016 - Appeal against refusal of outline planning application heard at Public Inquiry.
    • June 2016 - Outline planning approval granted by Planning Inspector.
    • December 2016 – Reserved Matters proposals presented to the local community during second public consultation.
    • Early 2017 – Anticipated submission of Reserved Matters planning application.