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Land off Weeley Road, Great Bentley

Weeley Road - Great Bentley - Essex - CO7 8PD

  • Overview


    We are preparing a reserved matters planning application for 136 new homes on land off Weeley Road, Great Bentley.

    The site received outline planning permission for 136 homes in May 2020.

    Our proposed development will have a mix of high quality homes, of which 41 will be affordable housing. The new development will be designed around a central play area and will also include an area of open space along the northern edge by Weeley Road. New foot and cycle paths will connect the development with the wider community.

    It is important that we listen to the views of the local community while preparing our proposal. We therefore held a public consultation via this website from Wednesday 17th March until Wednesday 31st March 2021.

    We are grateful to all those who provided feedback on our proposal. We are now analysing this feedback and making changes to our design prior to submitting a planning application to Tendring District Council.

    You can find out more about our proposals by downloading our exhibition boards using the link below.

    Click here to download our exhibition boards.

    As part of this consultation we also held a webinar on Monday 22nd March 2021. You can view the webinar using the link below.

    Click here to view our webinar.

    You can register your interest in a new home and receive the latest updates by clicking the ‘Register your interest’ button above. You can still get in touch with the project team using the ‘Email us’ button, or you can write to us at Great Bentley Consultation, Taylor Wimpey London, BT Brentwood, 1 London Road, Brentwood, Essex, CM14 4QP.

  • About the site

    About the site

    Great Bentley - connectivity plan

    The development site within the wider Great Bentley setting. Click to enlarge.

    The proposed development is to the east of Great Bentley and offers excellent pedestrian connectivity to the village. Cycling and walking will be encouraged, with safe and attractive routes through the development that link to the existing footpath network.

    Vehicle access will be from Weeley Road on the northern boundary, via a proposed new junction. The access road will curve through the initial housing to arrive at a large area of open space. This has purposely been designed in a central location, for close proximity to all homes and to aid with wayfinding through the site.

    The primary road forms a loop through the development, with smaller secondary roads spurring off to the south and west. These will end in a series of shared surfaces and private drives, reducing the impact of development on the surrounding fields.

    A direct pedestrian link to the west, via Birch Avenue, will give easy access to the railway station, school, village hall and other amenities within a mile walk of the development. A second pedestrian route will run through the site to the east, arriving at Weeley Road directly opposite an existing Public Right of Way. This will provide additional connectivity to the existing pedestrian network.

  • What's proposed

    What's proposed

    Great Bentley - Landscape Plan

    The landscape strategy will comprise six different character areas. Click to enlarge.

    The layout of the proposed development follows the principles established in the approved outline masterplan. This includes homes facing the site entrance, set behind an area of open space and landscaping; a formal ‘heart’ to the development, with an area of open space; and the loop road and slightly more informal housing to the south and eastern boundaries, facing open spaces.

    The appearance of the new homes will be inspired by the local character, mainly using brick but with occasional use of boarding, tile-hanging and render to add detail and a splash of colour. High-quality materials with minimal detailing will help tie the new homes in with their surroundings and form a sense of place.

    All homes will be two storeys in height and will include access to secure cycle storage and car parking.

    The landscape strategy will comprise six different character areas, which are briefly described below.

    Site frontage and associated public open space

    This will include the site entrance from Weeley Road. Areas of open space either side of the road will feature short mown and long grass, swathes of bulbs, and new trees and hedgerows comprising native species. This will provide space for recreation, and will also create an important visual and physical buffer with Weeley Road.

    Primary streets

    Gardens facing onto the main streets will be bordered by hedgerows and some street trees, where space permits. This simple arrangement will create a strong visual character and soften the effect of the new buildings. Hedge and tree species will vary between streets to allow individual identity within different parts of the development.

    Secondary areas of development

    Where homes face onto the open space and peripheral boundary areas, shrub beds will be used in place of hedgerows. Smaller trees and ornamental species will be used to give a garden feel, creating a softer and more intimate setting.

    Central public open space

    This significant green area will soften the hard residential street scene, giving separation between rows of houses and creating a space with multiple uses, including a children’s play area and seating/rest areas.

    Grass areas will be all short mown, with lines of large trees to the boundaries and smaller trees in the centre of the space and around seating areas. Shrub planting will be limited to low ground cover, within small verge areas and next to the central play space and seating area.

    South and eastern site boundaries and associated open spaces

    This zone will again provide areas of public access for recreation and create the essential visual and physical buffer between the edge of the development and the wider landscape beyond.

    The location against the countryside edge and the inclusion of features such as a drainage basin makes this area ideal for new ecological habitats to support and enhance biodiversity. A native hedgerow and large trees will screen the development edge and provide connectivity between off site ecological habitats and features. Rich grassland and wildflower areas with short mown paths for public access will create further visual interest and biodiversity value.

    Western site boundary

    Where existing homes meet the site boundary, new trees planting will create a semi-permeable screen between homes and gardens to protect privacy without causing any loss of sunlight.

  • Community

    Community benefits

    TW Community  

    Our aim is to create a sustainable community that benefits both new residents and those that already live nearby.

    All new homes will be highly insulated with low-energy lighting and a selection of low-use water fittings. Building materials will be carefully selected and procured in order to reduce their life cycle impact, including using timber from certified sustainable sources only.

    A Section 106 agreement will be drawn up as part of any planning permission, which will dictate contributions that Taylor Wimpey must make to support local infrastructure and facilities, such as healthcare and education.

    A new pedestrian link between the development and the wider village via Birch Avenue will be created, as well as improved connectivity to the Public Right of Way to the north east of the site.

    Of the 136 homes, 41 will be affordable housing for shared ownership or affordable rent.

  • Updates


    Check back here to see key dates and milestones for our proposals*.

    • May 2020 - outline planning approval
    • March 2021 - public consultation
    • Spring 2021 - anticipated submission of Reserved Matters planning application

    *Dates subject to change