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Land off Southdown Road - Horndean - Hampshire

Taylor Wimpey proposes a new residential development on land to the west of Southdown Road, Horndean, Hampshire.

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  • Overview

    Development proposals for White Dirt Farm, Horndean

    We have prepared plans for a new residential development of about 135 homes, including 40% affordable housing, on land to the west of Southdown Road, Horndean.

    The 9.7 hectare site is a single arable field . Taylor Wimpey is seeking to provide housing in this sustainable location through pre-application discussions with East Hampshire District Council.

    We held a public consultation at Clanfield Memorial Hall in March 2014, giving local people the opportunity to find out more about our proposals and provide this feedback. Our exhibition boards can be viewed by clicking here.

    We have now reviewed the feedback and finalised our masterplan.

  • About the site

    The development site

    The proposed development site covers an area of approximately 9.7 hectares and is bordered by Southdown Road to the east. The village of Catherington lies to the west and open farmland to the north.

    The greenfield site is a single arable field. Taylor Wimpey is seeking to provide housing in this sustainable location through pre-application discussions with East Hampshire District Council.

    The council’s emerging strategy seeks to provide for 700 new homes in the Horndean area and 200 new homes in the Clanfield area. This strategy has yet to be finalised and an independent Planning Inspector may increase the level of housing further. In June 2013, the council published a review of potential sites that might accommodate the new housing within its Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA), and this identifies the site as an ‘included’ option to provide around 200 new dwellings.

    Clanfield aerial plan

    An aerial plan of the proposed development site.

    Flood Risk and Preliminary SuDS Drainage

    The majority of the proposed development site is located in Flood Zone 1, which means it is at the lowest possible risk of flooding from rivers and other watercourses. A small element of the site parallel to the Southdown Road boundary falls within Flood Zones 2 and 3 as identified on the Environment Agency website mapping. Subject to further more detailed modelling, no built form is proposed for this location.

    A Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) will form part of our proposals

    and may include the use of soakaways, porous paving and swales to ensure that the rate of surface water run-off from the development will be no greater than current greenfield rates and will not increase the risk of flooding on site or elsewhere.

    Foul water will be dealt with through a connection to the existing public sewer which is located to the south-eastern corner of the site.


    We have completed a range of ecological surveys, including a habitat survey and specific surveys for badgers and bats. These surveys have identified the presence of Japanese knotweed, foraging badgers, commuting and foraging bats, breeding birds, dormice and reptiles.

    An active badger sett is located approximately 2m outside of the southwestern site boundary and a tree with suitable features to support roosting bats is just outside the western boundary.

    Our proposed scheme includes a reptile receptor located within the open space in the western section of the site, while enhanced planting along the boundary hedgerows will safeguard any habitats for bats and dormice.

    Highways and site access

    Vehicle access to the development will be from Southdown Road, as close as possible the existing farm access. The new junction will be a mini-roundabout, with a traffic calming scheme on Southdown Road to help to reduce traffic speeds on this route. 

    A Transport Assessment is being prepared and will be submitted with our planning application to measure highway capacity and public transport provision.

    Due to the proximity of the site to the A3 and A3(M), we will also hold discussions with the Highways Agency regarding the potential impact of the development and any mitigation measures to the A3/A3(M) junctions.


    The centre of the development is located approximately 600m from the local centre at Drift Road. Clanfield Junior School in Little Hyden Lane is within a short walk of the development, while the village has three pubs and a number of shops.

    A local bus service runs along Southdown Road with bus stops located alongside the development on Southdown Road. The service runs into

    Clanfield village centre and provides links to services to Waterlooville, Portsmouth and other major destinations. Both bus stops will be within 400m walking distance of the development.

    The A3 junction to London is approximately 1.2km to the south-east of the site, offering easy access to Petersfield to the north and Portmouth to the south. Junction 2 of the A3(M), which is located approximately 3km from the site, offers further access to Portsmouth to the south and Petersfield to the north.

  • What's proposed

    Our proposals

    New homes

    Horndean Illustrative Masterplan Rev F-page-001

    An illustrative masterplan for our proposed development. Click on the image to enlarge.

    Our proposed development includes a mixture of house sizes which will provide a balanced community. The proposed new homes will be traditional in design and in keeping with local building styles and materials.

    Affordable housing

    Forty per cent of the new homes in our proposed development will be provided as affordable housing. Affordable housing provision is likely to include a mixture of 2, 3 and 4-bedroom homes to be made available for social rent and shared ownership through a local housing association.

    Parking provision

    Residents’ car parking within our proposed development will largely take the form of garages, driveways and allocated off-street parking spaces.

    There will be a number of designated visitors’ spaces. We will typically provide one parking space for one-bedroom properties, two spaces for two-bedroom properties, two for three-bedroom homes and three for four-bedroom houses.

    Access junction

    Vehicle access to the development will be from Southdown Road and the junction will be a mini-roundabout.

    A development of this size could be expected to generate an average of approximately 110 and 131 two-way movements in the morning and evening peak times respectively.

    We are also seeking to provide a new pedestrian/cyclepath through the centre of the site, offering an alternative safer route for pedestrians and cyclists relative to using the lower section of White Dirt Lane.

    Street layout

    The proposed layout is based upon an irregular grid of perimeter blocks to create a well-connected street layout.This will encourage walking and cycling for local trips, as it offers a choice of routes to the nearby local centre, Petersgate Infant School and the existing bus stop on Southdown Road.

    Landscaping and open space

    Following the public consultation, we have revised our masterplan and there will no longer be any residential development proposed in the northern section of the site, with the souther parcel being the focus for the new homes.

    Our proposals incorporate a range of open spaces ranging from small doorstep greens through to a large area of open space in the western part of the site providing opportunities for recreation and wildlife areas. There will also be two children's play areas.

    There will be new woodland planting to reinforce separation between Horndean and Catherington.

  • Updates

    Development timeline

    March 2014 - Public consultation held

    July 2014 - Outline Planning Application submitted

    December 2014 - Outline Planning Application determind by East Hampshire District Council on 30th December 2014