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Park Farm South East

Park Farm South East - off Cheeseman’s Green Lane - Ashford - Kent - TN25 7AE

Taylor Wimpey South East and Persimmon Homes South East have received a resolution to grant planning permission for a new residential development of 353 homes at Park Farm South East, Ashford.

  • Overview

    Park Farm South East, Ashford

    Taylor Wimpey South East and Persimmon Homes South East have received a resolution to grant planning permission at Park Farm South East from Ashford Borough Council. Full planning permission will be granted once a section 106 agreement has been signed. The proposed development of 353 homes will include 175 units from Taylor Wimpey and 178 units from Persimmon, of which 30% will be affordable housing. The homes would form an extension to the existing Park Farm community. 

    Ashford Borough Council has identified the land as suitable for housing in its Draft Ashford Local Plan 2030. Our planning application is available to view by visiting Ashford Borough Council's planning pages and searching reference number 18/00652/AS.

    The site, to the south of Bridgefields (Park Farm East), is jointly owned by Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon. Land to the south is also allocated for housing, but that will be delivered by other parties and is not part of our proposal.

    You can find out more about our proposal for Park Farm South East on these pages or you can click below to download the exhibition boards from our public consultation event, held in Ashford on Thursday 30th November 2017, which explain the plans in more depth.



    The public consultation period for this development closed on Friday December 15th 2017. The comments we received from local residents and stakeholders helped us to finalise the details of our scheme before we submitted our planning application.

  • About the site

    The proposed development site

    Site considerations

    Park Farm South East - Site Considerations

    The Park Farm South East site is a 21 hectare agricultural field to the south of Ashford, east of Kingsnorth village and west of Cheeseman’s Green (also known as Finberry).

    The land is to the south of the 2,300-home Park Farm development, and would form an extension to that community.

    Ashford Borough Council has identified a need to build 16,120 new homes in the area by 2030 in its emerging Local Plan, and the site at Park Farm South East has been chosen as suitable for residential development. The Draft Ashford Local Plan 2030 gives an indicative capacity of 325 homes. 

    The council’s plan suggests about 100 homes could be built on land to the south, but this site is not part of our proposal.

    Once complete, our development would give easy access to Bridgefields to the north and open space to the north east, and would allow future development to the south.

    New open space would give residents plenty of new options for recreation, while a Sustainable Drainage Scheme (SuDS) and new wildlife habitats would retain and enhance biodiversity and bring ecological benefits.

    Park Farm South East would be a safe, secure development with a character strongly influenced by the site’s topography - highlighted in the image above (click to enlarge) - and attractive landscape setting.

    Ecology and drainage

    Park Farm South East - Drainage

    Park Farm South East is home to a number of protected species, including badgers and skylarks. In order to mitigate the effect of our development on wildlife, our landscape proposal includes an enhanced habitat for skylarks within the eastern side of the site, fenced off from public use, along with other measures.

    The low-lying site is in an area subject to localised flooding from a tributary of the East River Stour. But development will only take place in areas that fall within Flood Zone 1 - a nationally-recognised zone that identifies the very lowest flood risk. You can click on the image to the right to see the risk areas.

    We have an opportunity to make use of the small areas with a higher flood risk by incorporating them into the landscaping scheme and public spaces. 

    The development will implement a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS), which would keep surface water on site within Flood Zone 1. Current levels of water run off from the undeveloped site should therefore remain the same, or less, when development is complete.

    This water would be stored within swales (shallow, broad, vegetated channels) and open attenuation basins on the eastern boundary of the developed area. These will be designed to cope with the intensity of once-in-100-year storms.

    Transport and access

    Park Farm South East - AccessOur preferred primary access to Park Farm South East would be from two points, one to the north and one to the south of the site.

    The northern access is a priority junction with Finn Farm Road and Rutledge Avenue. The southern access is either a roundabout junction with Brockman’s Lane or a T-junction onto Brockman's Lane.

    Secondary access would be from a simple priority junction with Cheeseman’s Green Lane to the north east of the site.

    These access proposals would close the stretch of Finn Farm Road from the bridge towards the new site access junction to the north. This would mean the existing three-way traffic signal junction would become a two-way junction allowing for access from the bridges to Brockman’s Lane only.

    Click on the image to the right to see the access points in full.

    Ashford Borough Council’s new Local Plan policy S14 requires us to investigate the possibility of a primary access point from the traffic-controlled junction at Finn Farm Road, in order to improve the overall junction arrangements. 

    There are a number of issues with the deliverability of this direct access, overall highway benefits and its impact upon the landscape. As a result we favour the option outlined above.

    Park Farm South East - Central SquareOur application included a transport assessment which focuses on the impact of the development on local roads.

    Pedestrian and cycle routes through the site will connect with existing routes to the north  which pass through Park Farm East and Bridgefield Park.

    A bus route will run through the site, with a stop in the central square, pictured right (click to enlarge).

    Parking will be provided according to the Ashford Parking Standards. There will be a mix of on and off-road parking spaces, including visitor parking.

  • What's proposed

    Our proposed development

    2743-LA-25-Illustrative Graphic MasterplanThe image to the right gives you an idea of how Park Farm South East could look (click to enlarge). It is an illustrative masterplan intended as a general guide to show you how the properties, open space and internal roads could be arranged.

    Working with Ashford Borough Council planning officers, we have developed a number of design principles that have been endorsed by a number of stakeholders including the Environment Agency and Kent County Council.

    We aim to:

    • Design a highly-accessible layout with cohesive character areas, responding to the topography of the site to create a high-quality sense of place.
    • Keep buildings to maximum three storeys in height.
    • Integrate the site with Bridgefields (Park Farm East) and the proposed community park to the north
    • Provide an extensive area of informal open space to the east of the site for recreation, drainage and ecological benefits.
    • Provide a central area of open space on high ground to the south west of the site.
    • Design a road layout that radiates from the central open space, providing visual links to the informal open space and countryside to the east.
    • Position homes to enable overlooking and natural surveillance of open areas.
    • Retain boundary trees and hedges where possible with soft landscaping provided throughout the site.
    • Provide vehicular access from Cheeseman’s Green Lane and Brockman’s Lane.
    • Ensure good connection to the public transport network.
    • Provide links to encourage walking and cycling.
    • Seek to provide sustainable drainage.



    Park Farm South East - Main StreetPark Street South East is split into four character areas, each of which will have a distinct appearance, layout and landscape. They are Main Street, UpperGreen,The Fringe and The Lanes.

    There will be significant landscaped open spaces alongside the housing.

    Main Street features (click image to enlarge):

    • Two and three-storey homes
    • Terraced frontages
    • Double pitched roofs with some dormer windows
    • Sash-style windows
    • Red and buff brick with some tile hanging
    • Avenue planting with green verges and shrubs

    Park Farm South East - Upper GreenUpper Green features (click image to enlarge):

    • Two-storey detached and semi-detached homes
    • Doubled pitched roofs with hipped and half-hipped gables
    • Casement-style and sash-style windows
    • Bricks and some tile hanging and timber-style cladding
    • Landscape has natural play elements, trees and wildlife habitats

    Park Farm South East - The LanesThe Lanes features (click image to enlarge):

    • Two storey semi-detached and terraced homes
    • Higher density of homes
    • Double pitched roofs with varying ridge heights, possibly some chimneys
    • Sash-style windows
    • Brick, white or cream render and some timber-style cladding
    • Street trees and frontage car parking

    Park Farm South East - The FringeThe Fringe features (click image to enlarge):

    • Two storey semi-detached and detached homes
    • Lower density of homes, which will have larger gardens
    • Half hipped and hipped gables
    • Casement style openings
    • Brick with some tile hanging or timber-style cladding
    • Landscape of extensive open space featuring meadow, sustainable drainage area, natural play area

    We will also provide a green network of open spaces and link into the wider green routes within the local area.

    Taking inspiration from the site’s topography, we have designed a central area of open space, Upper Green, on the site’s high point to the south west. A more natural Linear Park of significant size is planned to the east, which is the area at highest risk of flooding potential. A total of 3.66 hectares of accessible open space is proposed within these two open space areas.

    The below images show our plans for the open space areas (click to enlarge).


    Park Farm South East - Open Space 2

    Park Farm South East - Open Space 1

  • Updates

    Latest news

    • 30th November 2017 - Public consultation event held
    • 15th December 2017 - Consultation period ended
    • 25th April 2018 - Full planning application submitted to Ashford Borough Council
    • 14th November 2018 - Resolution to grant planning permission received from Ashford Borough Council

    Full planning permission will be granted once a section 106 agreement has been signed. It is currently expected that the section 106 will be agreed in the first quarter of 2019.

    Subject to full planning permission being granted, it it anticipated that the construction work will begin in Summer 2019 and that the first homes will be ready to move in to in Summer 2020.