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Ashford Road

Ashford Road - Sellindge - Kent

Taylor Wimpey has secured planning permission for a new residential development of up to 250 new homes with a village green on land to the south of the A20 Ashford Road in Sellindge, Kent.

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  • Land off the A20 Ashford Road

    A resolution to grant permission was achieved in January 2015 for a residential development of up to 250 new homes with a village green on land to the south of the A20 Ashford Road in Sellindge, Kent. A Section 106 Legal Agreement has been completed, in conjunction with Shepway District Council and Kent County Council, to secure infrastructure to support the development and benefits for the community. Planning permission was formally issued on 22 January 2016.

    Details of our planning application were displayed at a public exhibition staged by Sellindge Parish Council in September 2014.

    You can view the exhibition boards presented at the event by clicking on the links below:

    Click here for Board 1 - Our proposals

    Click here for Board 2 - Masterplan

    Click here for Board 3 - Phase 1 layout

    Click here for Board 4 - A20 improvements

    Click here for Board 5 - Planning application timetable

    The site has been identified as a suitable location for development in the council’s Core Strategy, which was formally adopted by the local authority in September 2013. The location of the site and types of development proposed for the land were carefully selected following an extensive period of public engagement between June 2009 and September 2012.

    Our masterplan for the site has been shaped using the comments we received during a public consultation which took place in November 2013 and extensive consultation with key stakeholders during 2013 and 2014.

    The key changes to our masterplan made in response to the feedback we received include:

    • Highways improvements including an increased capacity 40-bay car park in the local centre and lay-by parking on the A20; new tree planting to prevent lorries using A20 lay-bys; zebra crossing outside Sellindge Primary School; no-parking zone on A20 outside village hall; A20 width reduction to reduce vehicle speed.

    • Mixed-use local centre’s location revised, to allow a better relationship between it and the village green.

    • Village green improvements including an increase in length of village green’s frontage along the A20 to increase a sense of openness; opening up of landscaping along the A20 to allow views through to the village green from the road; relocation of children’s play area within the village green; creation of an island in the existing pond to encourage wildlife.

  • The development site

    The proposed development site is located on the southern edge of the Sellindge settlement area, and is situated between the A20 Ashford Road to the north and east, and the M20 and HS1 railway line to the south. Sellindge Village Hall and existing residential properties are located at the northern boundary of the site.

    During the course of the consultation which has been conducted in relation to the site – as well as detailed technical assessments of the site and its surroundings – a number of opportunities and constraints were identified which we addressed in our emerging masterplan.

    These included:
    • The potential to develop a large village green for the use of the whole community
    • The chance to create a new mixed-use local centre which could include shops and community facilities
    • The requirement for a new pedestrian crossing from the proposed development to the northern side of the A20, plus new access roads for vehicles
    • The need to integrate the proposed scheme with existing infrastructure, utilities (e.g. electricity, gas) and drainage networks
    • The requirement for a noise buffer to shield the development from the adjacent M20 and HS1 railway line
    • The necessity to protect existing trees and hedgerow within the site and work within the constraints of its contours
    • The need to preserve an existing right of way which crosses the development site.

    2 Site Constraints copy

    The map shown above illustrates how the characteristics of the site and its surroundings are being incorporated into the design of our scheme


  • Our proposals

    Planning permission follows identification of the site for mixed-use development in Shepway District Council's Core Strategy, and our masterplan has been developed in line with council policy requirements.

    The masterplan has also been shaped by extensive consultation with local residents and key stakeholders, including Shepway District Council and Sellindge Parish Council.

    Our masterplan includes the following key elements :-

    • Up to 250 homes.
    • Of these homes, 50 have detailed planning permission as a first phase (Phase 1)
    • 20% affordable housing - with 9 affordable homes as part of the first phase (Phase 1)
    • The remaining homes (up to 200 dwellings) and mixed use local centre have planning permission in principle, but will detailed planning consent as a second phase (Phase 2)
    • Mixed-use local centre, including a community office, two mixed use units (that could be shops, a café or a takeaway for example) and 40 bay car park.
    • Vehicle access from A20 Ashford Road.
    • Village Green (Phase 1).
    • Natural play area.
    • Biodiversity park for wildlife.
    • 30 metre noise buffer from M20 and railway line.
    • Extension to local primary school.
    • Extensive landscaping.
    • Traffic calming measures.
    • Existing trees and hedgerow retained and enhanced with new planting.
    • Existing pond preserved as a key landscape feature.
    • Existing public right of way preserved.
    • Pedestrian links and pedestrian crossings on A20.
    • A Sustainable Drainage System (SuDs) to manage surface water run-off within site.

    Updated Sellindge Masterplan Resized for Website - FEB14

    Our indicative masterplan for the proposed development. Click on the image for a larger view.

  • Local contributions

    In addition to the range of community amenities being proposed as part of our scheme – including the mixed-use local centre, school extension, village green, open spaces, play areas, affordable housing and improved pedestrian links –  we will also provide a number of contributions towards local facilities and infrastructure. These have been agreed with the relevant local authorities and are set out in the Section 106 legal agreement.  These include a sum for the ongoing maintenance of the open space, a primary school contribution, a contribution towards the expansion of Sellindge Surgery, kick start funding to allow later bus services from Ashford to Folkestone through Sellindge and a contribution to local libraries, including the mobile library calling at Sellindge.

  • Development timeline

    • TBC - Anticipated sales launch.
    • TBC - Anticipated start of works on site - (phase 1 and associated open space including the Village Green).
    • Spring 2016 onwards - Working up detailed plans for phase 2 of the site.
    • January 2016 - S106 Legal Agreement completed and planning permission granted by Shepway District Council.
    • January 2015 - Resolution to grant planning permission for submitted scheme.
    • September 2014 – Planning application details exhibited at a Sellindge Parish Council public meeting.
    • July 2014 – Planning application submitted to Shepway District Council.
    • February 2014 – Consultation event for key stakeholders held to present the emerging proposals and gain feedback on the proposals for the Village Green and the improvements to the A20.
    • November 2013 – Public consultation on emerging masterplan held in Sellindge Village Hall.
    • September 2013 – Core Strategy adopted by Shepway District Council. October 2012-July 2013 – Further meetings with Sellindge Parish Council and Shepway District Council.
    • June 2009-September 2012 – Consultation with local residents and council.