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Grove Farm, High Lane, Ormskirk

High Lane - Ormskirk - West Lancashire - L40 7SW

Taylor Wimpey has submitted a planning application to West Lancashire Borough Council for a new, high quality dwellings on the northern edge of Ormskirk to complement the existing residential area and help meet a range of local needs. The application submitted was for 316 properties, but during planning applications discussions with Planning Officers at West Lancashire Council the number of  properties have been reduced for 311, to enable the footpath/cycleway and linear park to be continued through the development to the boundary with the Pines Estate.

During further discussions as part of the application determination the number of units has been reduced to 308.

In additional, West Lancashire Highways Departments have requested off site highway improvement works, which involve a new roundabout at the junction of High Lane, County Road and Burscough Road.


  • New homes proposed for Ormskirk

    Our site at Grove Farm has been allocated for housing in the West Lancashire Local Plan (adopted 2013). Taylor Wimpey will develop the site with a range of high quality, well designed homes to meet local needs.

    We believe that the local community should be closely involved in the development proposals as they evolve. Therefore, whilst our plans for Grove Farm are still at a very early stage, public consultation provides the opportunity for you as the local community to share your ideas and tell us what you think about our concept plans.

    Thank you to all who attended our first Public Consultation on Wednesday 24th September. We have reviewed all comments and suggestions received and are using these to inform more detailed development proposals. 

    A second Public Consultation was held on Thursday 19th February 3pm-8pm where our development proposals will be presented.

    A planning application was submitted in July 2015 and discussions have been on going with Planning Officers at West Lancashire Council. During these discussions the number of properties have reduced from 316 to 308.

    In the meantime, please register for updates and let us know your comments by clicking the box at the top of this page.

  • Why the High Lane site?

    The Council has now allocated Grove Farm for at least 300 new homes, to assist in meeting the needs of the local area. This allocation was made by the Council after a thorough site appraisal process of all the land around Ormskirk, which concluded that Grove Farm is the most sustainable location for new development in the town.

    Our vision for Grove Farm is a sustainable development that complements the local area, integrates with the existing community and provides a mix of high-quality homes. Our goal is to create a safe, desirable place to live which helps to develop a strong community spirit. The Grove Farm site has not only been allcoated for residential development, but also a linear park which will act as multifunctional green space and will help facilitate sustainable links between Ormskirk and Burscough. This has been a long term aspiration of the Council and we will unlock this opportunity.

    Ormskirk is a Key Service Centre that has good access to sustainable public transport and provides a full range of services and facilities as well as employment opportunities. Development of the land at Grove Farm would therefore provide a well-planned extension to Ormskirk as it adjoins an establised part of the town and is surrounded by built development.

    Grove Farm is close to:

    Ormskirk town centre: which has a wide range of shops, services and facilities and meets local shopping and employment requirements is less than 1km from the site. County Road/Green Lane Local Shopping Centre is also within walking distance. 

    Education facilities: West Lancashire College and Ormskirk West End Primary School are nearby the site. There are also two secondary schools and three other primary schools within 2km. Edge Hill University is approximately 2.5km from the site.

    Community and leisure facilities: Ormskirk library, Ormskirk Civic Hall and the Fit for Life Sports Centre are all within 1.2km of the site.

    Public transport: there are bus stops 65m from the site with regular services to numerous destinations including Ormskirk town centre, Preston and surrounding local villages. Ormskirk bus station and railway station are also both within 1km and 1.4km of the site.

    Employment: West Lancashire Council is one of the largest employers of the Borough and is 1.4km from the site. 

     context plan small-page-001

     Local facilities surrounding the Grove Farm Site



  • The Site Layout

    • The site will provide 308 high quality, well designed,
    • Provision of homes to meet the needs of local elderly persons
    • Good access to public transport and walking and cycling provision to ensure connections through the site and to the surrounding areas
    • A linear park providing multifunctional green space, recreational uses and walking and cycling facilities connecting to the Pines Estate
    • Additional natural green spaces and routes throughout the site providing for both people and wildlife


  • The Benefits for Ormskirk and the local community

    Taylor Wimpey would like the development at High Lane to become a valuable addition to the community in Ormskirk. We believe these proposals can offer a range of benefits for both existing and new residents, including the following:

    • Provision of a mix of housing types to meet the needs of existing residents, including bungalows and apartments
    • Homes which meet the needs of the elderly
    • Provision of a new linear park to provide recreational facilities and open space
    • Approximately £3million investment from the New Homes Bonus scheme provided to the council. The aim of this is to benefit local communities by investing in the surrounding new development
    • Creation of approximately 58 new construction jobs per year whilst the development is being built, along with training opportunities and apprenticeships for young people.
    • Approximately £2.5million to be spent locally by the Council through the Community Infrastructure Levy

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  • News and updates

    • October 2013:
      The site was allocated as a housing location in the Local Plan
    • July 2014:  West Lancashire Council produced a Development Brief for Grove Farm to provide a set of principles which will significantly contribute to the aim of creating a high quality sustainable development of the site
    • September 2014: First public Consultation Event held. Thank you to everyone who attended and provided feedback
    • 19 February 2015: Second Public Consultation Event to be held

    February 2015 Consultation Leaflet Page 1

    February Consultation Leaflet Page 2

    • July 2015: Planning Application Submitted for 316 properties
    • Sept 2015: An updated layout submitted for 311 properties with the linear park continued through the development to the Pines Estate at the request of West Lancashire Borough Council
    • Jan 2016: An update layout submitted for 308 properties  


    In the meantime please provide feedback by filling in the 'Have your say' form at the top of this page. Similarly, show your interest in the site by registering for updates.