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Wentworth Road, Coalville

Land off Wentworth Road / Jackson Street - Coalville - Leicestershire - LE67 3NR

Taylor Wimpey has outline planning permission for up to 130 new homes on land to the rear of Jackson Street/Wentworth Road, Coalville.

  • Overview

    Land off Wentworth Road, Coalville

    We have outline planning permission for up to 130 new homes on land to the rear of Wentworth Road in Coalville.

    North West Leicestershire District Council needs to find more land for new homes, particularly in and around Coalville, and our proposed development to the south west of the town has been earmarked for future development.

    The Jackson Street/Wentworth Road site has been shown to be suitable for new homes as it is close to the town centre’s services and facilities, as well as job and leisure opportunities.

    We held a public consultation exhibition in May 2012 to give local people an opportunity to view our emerging proposals for the site. Feedback from the consultation process was used to inform our masterplan for the site, which formed the basis of our outline planning application.

    Our application was submitted in August 2012. Following further discussions with North West Leicestershire District Council we submitted an amended illustrative masterplan for the site in March 2013. Our application was approved in June 2013, subject to a legal S106 agreement and the final draft of this agreement is now in circulation.

    We continue to progress our S106 agreement and expect this to be concluded at the end of the Summer of 2015

    We hope to submit our detailed planning application in September 2015

  • About the site

    Our Proposed Development

    Coalville aerial view

    An aerial view of the site, outlined in red

    The proposed development site comprises two fields measuring approximately 6.11 hectares in total which lie to the south west of Coalville town centre.

    The site is bordered to the north by Coalville Business Park, to the east by existing residential properties along Wentworth Road, to the south by open agricultural land and to the west by Snibston Country Park and the Owen Street sports ground.

    The site’s northern boundary comprises an overgrown hedgerow and some scattered trees, while the north-eastern corner is bounded by timber panel fence and the gable end wall of No 2. Wentworth Road. We propose to demolish this existing property, provide access to the site at this point and create a new junction between Jackson Street and Wentworth Road.

    A band of unused scrubland lies along the eastern boundary, adjoining the rear gardens of properties in Wentworth Road which are marked by a mix of fences and open boundaries. Along the eastern edge of the southern field next to the gardens is a stream which exits a pipe and flows south within a ditch.

    The two fields which make up the site are separated in the middle by a hedgerow with several mature trees. The northern part of the site contains existing allotments which will be relocated within the development as part of our proposals.

    The southern field is covered in dense low scrub and scattered trees, with a hedgerow along the southern boundary. There is a denser area of woodland in the south east of the site and mown paths within the south-western part of the site, creating a series of recreational footpaths.

    An existing bridleway runs along the site’s western boundary.

    The site is located within Flood Zone 1 (the lowest level of risk) and is therefore suitable for development. A Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) will ensure that surface water run-off rates are no greater than current levels.

  • What's proposed

    Our proposals

    We continue to work closely with officers from North West Leicestershire District Council during the evolution of our proposals for the site.

    We also held a public consultation exhibition in May 2012 to discuss our proposals with the local community.

    Following feedback from this process we made significant revisions to the initial layout plan for our scheme to address issues raised by local residents.

    These included reducing the number of new homes proposed from 140 to 130, the provision of car parking for allotment holders and the retention and enhancement of existing footpaths and cycle routes which run along the borders of the site.

    Our updated masterplan for the site includes:

    • Up to 130 new homes
    • A mix of terraced, semi-detached and detached designs
    • Traditional 2 storey properties within some 2.5 storey houses
    • A proportion of affordable housing
    • Access via a new junction between Jackson Street and Wentworth Road
    • 30 new and 6 existing allotments located on the site
    • New routes for pedestrians and cyclists linking with existing paths
    • A new play area
    • A community orchard
    • A new balancing pond as part of a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS)

    The revised masterplan forms the basis of our planning application which we submitted to North West Leicestershire District Council in August 2012. Following further discussions with the council we submitted an amended illustrative masterplan for the site in March 2013. Planning permission was granted in June 2013.

    Coalville site photo

    The site lies adjacent to existing residential areas

    Coalville allotments

    Existing allotments will be relocated within the site

  • Community

    Local contributions

    We will provide a number of contributions to the local community as part of the proposed development. These have now been finalised with North West Leicestershire District Council and Leicestershire County Council and include the following:

    • 9 affordable homes for the local community
    • 30 new allotments provided and 6 existing allotments brought into life
    • £9,168 civic community contribution
    • A community Orchard and commutted sum to help with the upkeep 
    • £17,453 towards the healthcare provision at Whitlock Road Surgery
    • £550,000 towards off site highways contribution to be used on local highway requirements
    • £7,290 contribution for the local Library
    • Provision of an equipped play area on the development
    • £10, 000 towards the Microprocessor Vehicle Actuation at Memorial Square
    • A contribution for National Forest planting
    • Provision of new open spaces on the development and maintenance contribution
    • £65,077 towards local Policing
    • £67,500 towards a local transport contribution and creation of a travel pack for each home built
    • £117,000 towards local Youth and Adult recreation 
  • Updates

    Development timeline

    1st to 7th September 2015 will see us commence low level clearance works as we prepare the ground. We expect these works to last around 3-4 weeks depending on weather conditions and this will include the following:

    • These works will not constitute a planning start as we still finalise our detailed proposals
    • Low level clearance of scrub, brambles and foliage
    • Removal of poor quality self set woods
    • This clearance will allow for further archaeological studies in the form of ground radar search
    • All works will be under the supervision of an independent qualified Ecologist
    • Noise and dust will be monitored and kept to a minimum

    February to September  2015 - We are developing our detailed design proposals

    August 2014 - Our drainage strategy is being developed in line with our masterplan

    July 2014 - We continue to discuss our final detailed proposals with North West Leicestershire District Council

    June 2013 – Resolution to permit planning application

    March 2013 – Amended illustrative masterplan submitted

    August 2012 – Outline planning application submitted

    May 2012 – Public consultation exhibition held