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Barry Close, Kirby Muxloe, Leicestershire

Barry Close - Kirby Muxloe - Leicestershire

Taylor Wimpey has received Outline Planning Permission for a new development of up to 88 much needed new homes, 25% which will be affordable homes for local people set around a new and improved public open space on land to the north of Barry Close, Kirby Muxloe, Leicestershire.

  • Overview

    Land off Barry Close, Kirby Muxloe, Leicestershire

    On 7th January 2016 Blaby District Council issued a decision notice for the approval of our scheme for up to 88 houses, following the submission of our Outline Planning Application.

    Our Outline Planning Application was heard by Blaby District Council at the planning committee on 11th December 2014 and permission was granted subject to the completion of our S106 agreement.

    In September 2013, we held a public consultation event to give local people the opportunity to find out more about our emerging proposals and have their say on the scheme. The comments we received during this public consultation were taken into consideration as we finalised our detailed proposals ahead of submitting our planning application to Blaby District Council.

  • About the site

    Our proposed development site

    Kirby Muxloe Site View

    Views to adjacent properties are heavily filtered by trees and hedgerow

    The proposed development site covers an area of approximately 7.82 hectares on the south-western edge of Kirby Muxloe and currently comprises four distinct fields bounded by hedgerow and woodland. There are two properties within the centre of the site – both accessed from Station Drive – which do not form part of our proposals.

    Over 8 acres (40%) of the development will remain undeveloped, become open to the public and securing new grassland of more than 1 acre of additional wildlife habitat which will be brought up to the standard that already exists.

    A revised Ecological Management Plan has been prepared which provides greater commitment and longevity to the future management of both the retained grassland and woodland habitats whilst bringing in the new enhanced area as mentioned above.

    To the north, a railway line separates the site from existing housing along Station Road, Station Drive and Station Close and a level crossing provides access to the site from Station Drive to the existing properties. Kirby Muxloe Golf Club and its car park are situated to the west, while residential properties in Barry Drive lie to the south and east, separated by a dense woodland buffer and a mature tree line. An existing public footpath crosses the site from Barry Close in the south to Station Drive in the north.

    The site is deemed to be in a sustainable location with good access to a range of local services and facilities within 500m. Schools, a library and a foodstore are within 1km and recreation facilities, open space, countryside and bus services can be easily accessed from the site.


    The site is visually well contained with very few views from any long distance with limited views at close range. Close-range views are restricted to existing properties within and to the east of the land.


    The Links Grassland Local Wildlife Site (LWS) is located at the centre of the site. We have agreed with Leicestershire County Council that an area of this LWS will be retained, improved and managed as part of our scheme, while the remaining area of lost LWS will be replaced with a commitment to restore and manage the majority of grassland fields to the north of our proposed new homes.

    We will retain and enhance the wooded stream corridor within the site and will provide further new habitat opportunities for wildlife. All high-quality trees and tree groups will be preserved and enhanced with new planting, while our proposals do not affect any trees which are subject to Tree Preservation Orders.

    We have further updated our independent ecology studies and continue to liaise with the local Authority


    Our Transport Assessment has been revisited and upgraded as part of our revised outline planning application to determine the effects of our development on the local highway network. Further traffic surveys, together with speed surveys were carried out in September 2014, following our original report which was completed in June 2013. These reports have deemed that the effect of the scheme on local junctions is expected to be acceptable, both during the construction period and when the development is completed. However, we will keep under review and if any impact is deemed likely we will agree to any reasonable appropriate mitigation measures with Leicestershire County Council.

    In addition we have listened to the community concerns in respect of construction traffic management which we fully understand would be a concern to the local and existing residents. We have provided further information in support of our new application. Taylor Wimpey is a locally responsible home builder and we take all health and safety matters seriously and would always want to be a considerate home builder within the communities that we build our homes.

    Flood risk and drainage

    The site is outside of the flood plain and is therefore not at risk of flooding from waterways. Flood risk from other sources is also considered to be low and we will manage surface water run-off through Sustainable Drainage methods, ensuring that run-off rates are no higher than current greenfield levels. Severn Trent Water has confirmed that there is capacity within the existing foul drainage network to accommodate our development.

  • What's proposed

    Our proposals

    Kirby Muxloe Site Access

    The proposed site access from Barry Close

    Blaby District Council’s adopted Local Plan (Core Strategy) has identified a need to provide 5,750 new homes within and adjoining Leicester’s Principal Urban Area (Glenfield, Kirby Muxloe, Leicester Forest East, Braunstone Town and Glen Parva) by 2029. Our proposed development site is therefore in an appropriate location to provide a proportion of the identified growth requirement.

    The initial stage of our design process involved producing a number of design concepts to help illustrate possible development options for the site. These concept sketches were based on analysis of the site and its surroundings as well as council planning policy and guidance, with different options considered to examine how housing, streets and open spaces could be arranged. After evaluating all options, a preferred design concept was selected and this was developed into an illustrative masterplan for our scheme.

    This masterplan was displayed to local people during our public consultation in September 2013 and will now be refined to take into account the feedback we have received, before forming the basis of our planning application. Key elements of the scheme include:

    • 88 new homes
    • 25% of all homes to be affordable for the local community
    • A mix of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom properties
    • Access from Barry Close
    • On-plot driveway and garage parking for residents, plus communal parking areas for visitors
    • Part of existing Local Wildlife Site protected and retained with a new Local Wildlife Sites created
    • Recreational woodland trail and play areas within wildlife corridor to the east of the site
    • Existing public footpath retained
    • Enhanced safety for the railway crossing to the North and a financial contribution of £8,500 towards additional work
    • High-quality trees preserved and enhanced with new planting
    • Further landscaping and public open space
    • Sustainable drainage methods to manage surface water run-off
    • Privacy and amenity of properties within the site and neighbouring the site respected
  • Community

    Local contributions

    Our approved outline planning application gives our commitment to provide financial contributions towards improving the local infrastructure and community facilities through a Section 106 legal agreement.

    These contributions will be for 

    • New off site and on site public open spaces
    • Contributions for new play equipment for local children
    • 25% of the homes would have been affordable for the local community
    • Financial contributions for local health care
    • Improvements to the Public Right of Way
    • An agreed contribution to help with Education
    • A Community Investment Levy to help with local Police work in the area
    • Improvement of the existing gates and a further £8,500 for additional works to the railway crossing for added safety

    This to be a sustainable development which will provide much needed new homes in the local area

  • Updates

    Development timeline

    • 7th January 2016 - Blaby District Council issued a decision notice granting approval of our Outline Planning Application for up to 88 houses.

    • Spring early Summer S106 to be concluded

    • 11th December 2014 - Outline Planning Granted subject to our S106 agreement

    • September 2014 - Appeal lodged against the original application refusal and a revised outline application submitted

    • Summer 2014 - Reviewed the reasons for refusal;
    1. The District planning authority considers there will be a loss of Countryside and a designated wildlife site which will have a detrimental impact on the local ecology and biodiversity

    2. The District planning authority also considers that the increased vehicle movements on Barry Close during and after construction will have an unacceptable impact on the local residential amenity

    • 2nd July 2014 - Planning refusal formal notification expected
    • 26th June 2014 - Our Outline Planning Application was refused by Blaby District Council
    • September 2013 – Public consultation held