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Markfield, Leicester

Land off Jacqueline Road - Markfield - Leicestershire

We have now submitted an outline planning application to Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council to build approximately 140 new homes and associated public space on land located south of Jacqueline Road in Markfield, Leicestershire. We held a public exhibition at the Congregational Church Hall in the village on 14th May which was very well attended to give local people a chance to learn more about our proposed plans for these much needed new homes.

  • Overview

    Land south of Jacqueline Road

    We have now submitted an outline planning application (reference number: 15/008891/OUT) to Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council for a new development of approximately 140 homes on land south of Jacqueline Road, Markfield, Leicestershire.

    Under our proposals, we will provide a total of 140 new homes, of which up to 56 are proposed as affordable homes for local people with associated public open space and access. Our development area has been located to relate strongly with the existing settlement edge so that new areas of public open space can be located to take advantage of the attractive landscaped backdrop afforded by the existing vegetation and to allow for new landscaping to permeate into the site.

    Our planning application seeks to secure the principle of development for the site while reserving detailed matters of design for future consideration. Our current plans are therefore in an illustrative format.

    Our proposals were presented to the local community at a public consultation event in Markfield on Thursday 14 May 2015. You can find out more about the proposals by exploring this website, or you can view the information boards which were displayed at the exhibition by clicking here.

    If you would like to comment on the proposals you can do so by clicking the 'Email Us' link at the top of this page.

  • About the site

    The proposed development site

    Planning background

    Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council must comply with the requirements of national government policy, notably those contained within the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). The NPPF advises that local planning authorities must continue to maintain a rolling 5-year supply of housing land. Furthermore, where an authority is not able to demonstrate an adequate supply of housing, housing applications should be considered in the context of the presumption in favour of sustainable development.

    Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council are currently unable to demonstrate a 5 year supply of housing land. Furthermore, the site is located adjacent to the existing built-up area of Markfield, is accessible and well-related to existing facilities and services and is not subject to any technical constraints or landscape designations. The site would therefore be an ideal location to accommodate a proportion of the growth required in the Borough and address the current shortfall of housing. 

    Local services and facilities

    Pedestrian facilities are of a good standard within the local area and the town centre lies within 1km of the site. The nearest bus stop is located approximately 280 metres to the south east of the site, on London Road. The Number 120 bus service operates an hourly bus service to Leicester and Coalville. Leicester and Coalville provide a wide range of retail, leisure and employment opportunities for residents of Markfield.

    Open space and countryside is also easily accessible from the site, offering residents a number of local leisure and amenity choices. Footpath R21 runs along the southern boundary of the site and the proposals offer the opportunity to potentially link to this footpath.

    Around the site

    The site covers an area of approximately 5.24 hectares on the south eastern edge of Markfield. The site is bounded to the north by existing residential properties along Jacqueline Road. To the west lies Ratby Lane which offers access to the site. An existing woodland belt encloses the southern boundary of the site, which contains a public footpath connecting to the centre of Markfield to the west and a network of footpaths to the east.

    The location of our proposed development in relation to local facilities and pedestrian links is shown in the plan below.

    Markfield 1

    Site analysis

    We have undertaken a range of technical studies of the site and the surrounding area to establish a set of opportunities and constraints which have driven the design process so far.


    The project team recently met with Leicestershire County Council (the local highway authority) to agree the access strategy for the site. This will be in the form of a new vehicular access off Ratby Lane, as shown on the exhibition plans. Access from Ratby Lane would also be provided for pedestrians and cyclists.

    A Transport Assessment is being prepared for the scheme, which will determine the effects of the development on the local highway network, and the effect of the development on local junctions. A comprehensive analysis of the safety record of the local highway network will also be undertaken.

    The site benefits from good transport links within the surrounding area. The A50 is located to the north of the site and provides access to Junction 22 of the M1 Junction (2.5km to the north west of the site) and Leicester to the south east (approximately 12km from the site). The M1 and A50 provide access to local destinations such as Coalville, Loughborough, and Leicester and further afield to Nottingham, Derby and East Midlands Airport.

    Flood risk and drainage

    The site is in Flood Zone 1 and at low risk of fluvial flooding. Flood risk from overland flow, ditches, highways and sewers is also considered to be low.

    Surface water will discharge to a watercourse located to the south of the development site, as shown on the exhibition boards. Discharge from the site will be restricted to greenfield equivalent rates and attenuated, in a detention basin, to accommodate all events up to and including the 1 in 100 year event plus a 30% allowance for climate change.

    Foul water will discharge to Severn Trent Water’s sewer network located in Countryman Way which will require a foul water pumping station for the site. Severn Trent Water has confirmed that their sewers and Sewage Treatment Works have adequate capacity to accommodate the proposed development.


    A landscape appraisal commenced with a site survey and computer modelling exercise to establish points from which the development can be seen, backed up by extensive site work and field walking. This exercise provided key recommendations for the design of the scheme which seeks to respond to landscape effects so that it is sensitive to views and local character.

    The proposals will retain, protect and buffer the locally important hedgerows to the south and west of the site and the woodland plantation to the east. The drainage route across the southern hedgerow will also be sensitively located to avoid any major trees. A new 3 metre landscape corridor is also proposed along the northern section of the site in order to protect the amenity of the existing properties.


    Ecologists have undertaken a complete range of surveys, in particular to establish whether the site supports any protected species. A population of Great Crested Newts is known to exist to the south of the site; centred around a small number of ponds in this area. The population of Great Crested Newts will be respected and opportunities provided to deliver enhancement in terrestrial and aquatic habitat as part of the proposals for the site.

    As the ecology work has been progressed, this has been subject to consultation with the County Ecologist in order to inform the scope of baseline survey work and the features of the emerging masterplan. The County Ecologist has confirmed that the small breach in the southern woodland in order to accommodate the outfall to the existing watercourse would be acceptable as there would be opportunities for compensatory planting and habitat creation on site.

    With respect to trees, the trees will be subject to a full survey consistent with the published British Standard (BS5837). It is anticipated that the majority of the existing trees will be retained, protected and buffered by the proposals during the construction work and thereafter as part of the development’s green space.


    Information regarding the existing archaeological evidence for the site and the archaeological and historical background of the general area, has been obtained from the Leicestershire Historic Environment Record (HER), in addition to which the full suite of historic Ordnance Survey mapping has been consulted in order to assess historic land use, and a geophysical survey of the entire site has been undertaken.

    There is nothing contained within the results of the geophysical survey (or information contained in the Historic Environment Record for the surrounding area) that would suggest the site contains, or has the potential to contain, any archaeological remains that would preclude or constrain development.

  • What's proposed

    About our proposals

    We use the site considerations to help us produce design proposals. It is important that the design process takes full account of the physical features of the site, its setting and connections to its surroundings, as well as planning policy and guidance. Our new development must also take into account the existing character of the local area.

    Technical studies and site analysis allow a detailed assessment of the site to be made, including the identification of potential opportunities and constraints and key issues which help inform the design proposals.

    Markfield 3


    • Provide a mix of new homes of different sizes and tenures for the borough
    • Provide development in a sustainable location where it is well related to the existing settlement and in good reach of local services and facilities
    • Provide open space for new and existing residents
    • Provision of new allotments connected via areas of new public open space
    • New landscaping to provide attractive setting for new homes, filter views into site and provide wildlife benefits


    • Development must respect privacy and amenity of existing properties edging the site
    • Northern boundary is bound by existing houses and bungalows and will require suitable separation distances to respect privacy of existing dwellings

    Markfield 2

    Development proposals

    We have now submitted an outline planning application for up to 140 dwellings including means of access, open space and associated development.

    The new homes would be a mix of sizes and types, although the majority will be three and four bedroom family homes.

    The Masterplan provides a large area of public open space along the southern boundary. This area of open space will take advantage of the attractive backdrop afforded by the adjacent tree planting and include a new children’s play area, allotments and new areas of landscaped grassland suitable for informal play and recreation.

    The new homes will be served via a new vehicular access point off Ratby Lane.

    Markfield 4

  • Community

    Community Benefits

    Our proposed development will bring a range of community benefits that will include affordable homes and a public open space with a childrens play area

    Further details of other benefits and planning gain will be formed in the form of a S106 agreement should our proposals be granted an outline planning permission

    Further details will be provided as our negotiations progress with the local community and Hinckley and Bosworth Council

  • Updates

    Our timeline

    14th May 2015 - Our first public showing of our plans

    7th August 2015 - Submission of our planning application (reference number: 15/008891/OUT) to Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council