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Land North of Barkby Road, Syston

Land North of Barkby Road - Syston - Leicestershire - LE7 2DL

Taylor Wimpey has submitted an outline planning application for north of Barkby Road, Syston, to allow delivery of 195 new homes.

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  • Overview


    Taylor Wimpey has submitted an outline planning application which scopes out the principles of development, with the look, design and final layout to be determined at a later stage. The proposals include new areas of open space, children’s play area and new access into the site from Barkby Road.


    The proposals help to meet the growing need for new homes in the local area and would provide a mix of new homes, from one to five-bedroom properties, including 30% affordable housing in line with Charnwood Borough Council policy. This would include shared ownership and social housing. The housing mix would contain homes of no more than three storeys high and reflect local architectural styles. 

    A public exhibition of our proposals was held at Syston Community Centre on Wednesday 25th April. If you were not able to visit the exhibition, you can view our consultation boards in a PDF format here.

    Feedback from the public exhibition was collected and considered in the preparation of the outline planning application.  The outline plans, including a Transport Assessment and other associated documents and contact details, can be accessed on  the Planning Portal of Charnwood Borough Council’s website here. You can comment on these plans directly on the Planning Portal.

  • About the site

    About the site

    The site is located to the east of Syston and falls within the jurisdiction of Charnwood Borough Council. 

    There is a need for new homes across the country and Syston is no different. Charnwood Borough Council currently have an adopted Core Strategy in place which aims to meet the growing needs of the Borough between 2011 - 2028.

    Delivery of new homes is incredibly important as the population increases and people live longer. Charnwood Borough Council have recently begun a review of their planning Core Strategy in light of the requirement to accommodate a greater housing need as highlighted in the Leicestershire Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment (HEDNA). The Local Plan review will include policies on how this growth will be addressed, in addition to providing for a longer plan period to 2036. Syston is a larger conurbation within the borough and will play a key role in helping to meet the housing needs of the town and the wider area.

    Facilities plan

  • What's proposed

    What's proposed

    Taylor Wimpey have submitted outline proposals for the development of 195 new homes, affordable housing, open space and associated infrastructure. This application scopes out the principles of development, with the look, design and final layout determined at a later stage.  Our draft layout for the scheme is below and includes:

    • 30% affordable housing, including those for rent and shared ownership, managed by a responsible Housing Association;
    • New open space and an equipped play area;
    • A new, safe access onto Barkby Road, including a ghost right hand turn lane;
    • A Sustainable Urban Drainage System to manage surface water on-site and flows off-site.

    The proposal will seek to encourage sustainable transport methods through the distribution of a travel pack to all new residents highlighting the facilities available within the town and their accessibility.  


    A comprehensive highway and traffic assessment has been undertaken and this will be discussed with county and district council officers. Our application includes a new, safe access on to Barkby Road which will be independently assessed and will be able to handle the increased capacity.

    We are also looking further afield to nearby junctions such as the Melton Road junction in the centre of Syston to ensure that any impacts are not severe and mitigated where possible.


    The proposals have been carefully considered to ensure that there are adequate pedestrian and cycle links throughout the site and safe links to the town centre. We have protected and enhanced the existing right of way the site for the benefit of new and existing residents.

    Exhibition- Junction Location plan

    Facilities plan

  • Community



    Open Space and Landscape

    • The proposed development will provide areas of open space and landscape enhancements including:
    • Focal areas of public open space across the site
    • 400m2 equipped area of play towards the centre of the site
    • Integration of the Public Right of Way to encourage its use and the wider network
    • Framing views of St Mary’s Church, Barkby within the new landscapeNew homes fronting on to open space, creating an attractive community
    • Green edges to create natural surveillance and ensure new homes blend into the landscape

    Managing water on site

    The site will carefully manage rainwater onsite, so that it flows into the local drainage network at the same rate that rainwater drains from the site currently. This is a requirement of the Environment Agency who will be a statutory consultee on the application. Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) use a range of different methods to control water in designated areas onsite, so that it can flow offsite in a managed way. In accordance with best practice, it is proposed to provide attenuation up to and including a 1 in 100 year storm event, plus 40% extra capacity for potential future climate change impacts.

    Creation of diverse habitats

    In its current state, the site offers very little in the way of habitats for wildlife.The proposals would seek to maintain what few habitats currently exist across the site through the retention of as much of the existing trees and hedgerows as possible, in addition to encouraging diversity within the creation of new habitats in gardens and open spaces. The hedgerows surrounding the site will be enhanced and thickened with the use of native species. These will continue to provide habitats for wildlife as well as effectively screen the site. Furthermore, the introduction of attenuation basins will provide new wet habitat areas for wildlife to thrive.



  • Updates


    • 25th April 2018 – public consultation event
    • 10th May 2018 – consultation feedback deadline
    • May 2018 – finalise masterplan and prepare application
    • July 2018 – submission of outline application 

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