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Land off Silfield Road

Silfield Road - Wymondham - Norfolk - NR18

Outline planning permission for 500 homes on the proposed site off Silfield Road was granted by South Norfolk District Council in February 2014. Taylor Wimpey submitted a reserved matters planning application for 250 new homes at the site, with an initial phase of 129 properties in July 2015. The reserved matters planning application for the first phase was approved by South Norfolk District Council in December 2015.

  • Land off Silfield Road

    We submitted a reserved matters planning application to South Norfolk District Council on 17th July 2015 for a new residential development comprising 129 homes along with public open spaces, children’s play areas, a community hall and cycle/pedestrian links on land off Silfield Road in Wymondham (planning application reference number is 2015/1649). This application was approved in December 2015.

    South Norfolk District Council granted outline planning permission for 500 homes on our proposed site in February 2014.

    We have purchased the land in partnership with Bovis Homes and, together, we are working on a reserved matters application for a total of 500 homes, including a proportion of affordable homes for local people in housing need. This application will deal with detailed matters of design which have not yet been dealt with as part of the outline approval.

    We at Taylor Wimpey are proposing to build half of these homes – 250 in total – over two phases, with the initial phase comprising 129 homes. Our proposals form part of a wider residential development scheme that will eventually comprise 1,230 new homes.

    You can find out more about our scheme on these pages or by clicking here to download the exhibition boards that were displayed at our public consultation event in Wymondham on Tuesday 9th June 2015.

  • The proposed development site

    Our reserved matters planning application for the first phase of our development has now been approved. The development will be located off Silfield Road, north of the A11 and south of land which will be developed by Endurance Estates.

    Outline planning permission for 500 homes on the site was granted by South Norfolk District Council in February 2014.

    The land covers an area of approximately 21 hectares (52 acres).

    Site considerations

    The first phase of the scheme will be directly accessed of Silfield Road to the east, approximately 100m north of the A11.

    This will become the primary point of access into this first phase and also the wider development, including the Endurance Estates land to the north. There will be secondary access points to the north, off Silfield Road.

    Any potential impact of the development proposals on the local area has been carefully considered throughout the design process and through discussions with South Norfolk District Council.

    The masterplan accommodates sufficient parking for residents of the site, and complies with South Norfolk District Council’s car parking standards for new residential developments. A majority of the houses will have private driveways with garages, to help ensure that all parking for new residents is contained within the development.

    The site is in a sustainable location with good connections to bus and rail services, providing accessibility to local facilities and services. The nearest existing bus stop is located between the junctions with Park Close and Green Lane and is therefore within easy walking distance for the new residents, while Wymondham rail station is located approximately 1km north of the proposed site access.

    Masterplan Rev A copy

    A section of the masterplan, showing the access points proposed off Silfield Road.

    As part of the initial work carried out gathering information for the site, a Site Specific Flood Risk Assessment was prepared in support of the outline planning application.

    The site is identified in Flood Zone 1, which comprises land assessed as having a less than 1 in 1,000 annual probability (<0.1%) of river or sea flooding in any year.

    The majority of the site drains via ‘greenfield runoff’ with the eastern section of the site draining north east towards the River Tiffey, and the western section of the site draining west to the Bays River. A small portion of the eastern section of the site is drained via an existing ground drainage system which outfalls into an open drain.

    Any increased runoff associated with the proposed development will be attenuated down the existing ‘greenfield runoff’ rates, using sustainable drainage methods such as attenuation ponds and vortex flow control devices.

    An Environmental Noise Assessment was prepared in support of the outline planning application to establish the noise conditions across the site off Silfield Road.

    The assessment found that the main source of noise affecting the site was road traffic along the A11. To ensure that internal noise levels meet the agreed criteria in the new homes, we are proposing to install acoustic glazing and ventilation.

    Furthermore, a 2.0m high close boarded timber fence is proposed along the length of the A11 boundary.

    The site comprises two large arable fields and some lengths of boundary hedgerows with mature trees in places. Overall, the site is of low ecological value, lacking flower-rich verges or substantial areas of semi-natural habitat, although two lengths of hedgerow qualify as ‘Important Hedgerows’ due to their richness and overall character.

    No bat roosts have been identified on site, and the on-site ponds do not have great crested newts but there is a nearby garden pond with great crested newts and the adjacent verges on the site may be used to some extent.

    Our proposals include high-quality ‘green infrastructure’, intended to provide on-site habitat for wildlife – including great crested newts and birds – while also serving to provide corridors of habitat to maintain and enhance the movement of wildlife across the landscape. These habitat corridors are intended to connect the adjacent development and to maintain links between the Lizard conservation area and other areas to the north with the open farmland to the south.

    A number of existing trees have also been incorporated into our design while boundary vegetation around the site will be enhanced with native shrub and tree planting, including the creation of woodland buffer along the eastern boundary.


    Landscape masterplan for the site off Silfield Road.

  • About our proposals

    The image below shows the layout plan for our development. It is intended as a general guide to show how the properties, open space and internal roads could be arranged.

    Wymondham Presentation Layout LR  181215 small

    An illustration to show the latest layout plan for Phase 1 at the development off Silfield Road. Click to enlarge.

    Our development comprises the following key elements:
    • Phase 1 includes 129 new homes.
    • 15% affordable housing across all 500 homes.
    • A mix of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-bedroom properties.
    • Terraced, semi-detached and detached houses with a proportion of bungalows.
    • Mainly 2-storey buildings with some 1-storey and 2.5-storey (2 storey with rooms in the roof).
    • Sensitive design to suit the local area with a combination of modern and traditional features.
    • On-plot residents parking with private driveways, some with garages.
    • A large area of open space, informal playing fields, equipped children's play areas and sports pitches.
    • A community centre with changing facilities and a meeting room.
    • Vehicle access from Silfield Road.

    Our scheme seeks to create a high-quality development that can fulfil the local need for market and affordable housing while respecting the character and heritage of the surrounding area.

  • News and updates

    February 2014 - Outline planning permission granted by South Norfolk District Council.

    July 2015 - Reserved Matters planning application submitted to South Norfolk District Council.

    December 2015 – Reserved Matters planning application for our first phase of 129 dwellings was approved by South Norfolk District Council. To view our latest development layout, please click here.